2:31 Yves Guillemot the co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft is here talking about the 25 year anniversary of Ubisoft. 1986-2011. 2:34 Michel Ancel, the original create of Rayman, is on stage to talk about his new project Rayman Origins. 2D Rayman is being played on screen with two player coop shown. Both Rayman and the Blue Fiend must work together to solve the 2D puzzles and survive the levels. 2:39 The enter a water level and the gameplay shifted from water to land and back to water. If one player dies, you will float in a bubble to catch up to the surviving player. After this, another level is shown with the action moving into a 2D shooter. Reminds me of the fun I used to have with Air Zonk. 2:42 Rayman Origins will be playable with up to 4 player coop. 2:43 Aaron Priceman is taking the stage and is talking about the change in gaming over the last 25 years. Gaming is Adventure – Gaming is Sharing – Gaming is Life. This is what Ubisoft says gaming is all about. 2:45 Gaming is Adventure – Ubisoft is showing a mockup of what Driver would have looked at retro style. Silly but that leads up to Driver San Francisco by Reflections Studio. The game is playable on the show floor complete with single and multiplayer. 2:49 The next Gaming is Adventure is being introduced by Dan Hay and Jamie Keen of Ubisoft Montreal to show off FarCry 3 which is looking absolutely amazing. 2:57 Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software is on stage to debut a game about a squad of soldiers based in WW2. This new title is Brothers in Arms Furious 4. Coming in 2012, this title looks like Brothers in Arms meets Borderlands. 3:00 The Adventures of TinTin The Game is being talked about by Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg. A brief gameplay demo is being shown and it is a mix of 3D plat former, 2D plat former, stealth, and flying action. More on this one later. 3:04 A Retro Ghost Recon is being shown as a Strategy RPG like Fallout. I think I might want to see this actually developed. But they are showing Ghost Recon Future Soldier instead with Tommy Jacob–the Creative Director. This time around, you can play with up to four players in coop. In a mission shown where a VIP must be protected, one player is guarding the VIP while you are getting support from real players. 3:14 An exclusive new multiplayer mode known as Conflict will be playable at E3. Ghost Recon Online is also being announced as a free PC shooter. Alone you fight, together you will dominate: Ghost Recon Online. You can apply for the beta right now at ghostreconbeta.com 3:17 Ghost Recon Online is part of Ubisoft’s gaming is sharing. Another one of these is Trackmania 2. Two very French ladies are standing on stage and I am ready to see the next game. For those interested, it will come out in September along with Shootmania and Questmania. This is what makes up the “mania planet.” 3:22 Next up is Rabbids: Raving Rabbids Alive & Kicking. Antoine Henry, Game Designer, for Ubisoft Paris is on stage showing off the new title for Kinect. The Raving Rabbids appear on screen and you have to stomp, kick, push, and get rid of them in any way you want. This uses augmented reality. Up to four players will be able to join in on the fun and in this mode, you have to fill a specific shape on the screen. Like Kinect games do, you get a silly picture of how you formed the shape. It will come out November 8, 2011 and will be yet another waste of time on the Kinect platform. 3:26 Next up is Gaming is Life. We get a Just Dance game for the Commodore 64. Why did nobody think of this before? Coming to All Motion platforms is Just Dance 3. With over 30 Million players worldwide, the franchise expands October 2011. 3:30 Rocksmith Authentic Guitar Games is the next Gaming is Life title. This will take the hard part of learning how to play a guitar into a game. This looks like the game Hharmonix should have made. The title is coming October of 2011 and looks like a must-purchase for anyone interested in playing the guitar. 3:33 Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 is coming and will improve upon the original game by getting you to interact with friends and burn calories. Our goal: Burn 1 billion calories together this November 2011. 3:35 Retro Prince of Persia style game shown as Assassin Creed. Again, another title I would play. Assassin’s Creed Revelations is the final chapter in this story. Will we finally get answers? We will find out November 2011. 3:47 Press Conference is over.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/07/11

Screenshots for E3 2011 Ubisoft Press Conference