• I am really excited about Diablo III and can’t wait to play it. However, I am a bit sad that if my Internet connection goes off, so does the gameplay. Even if you are playing solo, you will be required to have an active internet connection. This is to stop cheating and *cough* *cough* piracy *cough* *cough*.  There is also an online auction house to buy and sell items… but couldn’t there be a completely offline experience where I couldn’t put stuff on the auction house? Looks like the fear of piracy and cheaters are going to ruin the experience…
  • Square Enix is releasing their next IOS app, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, on the iPhone and iPod Touch, on August 4, 2011, for $15.99. Like all Square releases, this is not a Universal app and a “higher priced” iPad version will be available this autumn. With the average prices of IOS apps somewhere between .99 and 4.99, shouldn’t Square at least make this compatible with both iPad and iPhone platforms?
  • We are getting ready for PAX, later this month, and QuakeCon, later this week. While I always enjoy a good tradeshow, hygiene is definitely an issue. Seriously folks, if you are going, take a shower, wear deodorant, and put on clean clothes.
  • Speaking of QuakeCon, I was told that the big press appointment at this year’s event is about 3 hours of play time with RAGE. It looks like Destructoid already got to play it. Very excited to spend some time and preview it.
  • Borderlands 2 is coming per Eurogamer. I sat next to a Producer, on the flight to E3 2011, from Gearbox and tried my hardest to get him to talk about this. We did have a good conversation about how fun Borderlands was–even if some of the DLC was buggy. Lets hope for an announcement at PAX. Please? Fingers crossed even!
  • Don’t get me started on the new EA Sports Season Ticket
  • Sony is increasing the quality of their First Party offering by acquiring Developer Sucker Punch. These are the guys who gave us Sly Cooper and the inFAMOUS series. A good move. However, I still think Sony should have done the same and acquired Insomniac.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/02/11