Sony threw a curveball to both retailers and consumers for their upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld releasing in North America on Februrary 22, 2012, with the introduction of a brand new bundle. Gamers now have the choice of a $249 Wifi only model, a $299 3G model with a free month of 3G service, from AT&T, a 8 GB memory card, and a free PSN game, and a $349 First Edition 3G Bundle with a free month of 3G service, from AT&T, a 4 GB memory card, a free PSN game, a case, and a copy of Little Deviants. 

The introduction of the revised $299 3G bundle has been angering consumers who purchased the First Edition Bundle and caused outcry for Sony to include a 8 GB card in the bundle to match the new bundle. Sony is remaining quiet on the subject… For now.  The real loser seems to be the lack of any type of incentive for the Wifi model.

Are you planning on picking up the PS Vita? If so, you may need to think hard to decide which bundle is right for you. 

By Kaleb Rutherford – 01/30/12