Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released less than a month ago in the states, and Square-Enix already has a new chapter for us to enjoy. In this latest installment, titled “Sazh: Heads or Tails?”, you take control of Sazh, one of the original characters from FFXIII. The chapter runs concurrently with the main story in FFXIII-2. Once completed players can have Sazh join your party for the main game. This new content will be available via Xbox Live, for the Xbox 360, and Sony Entertainment Network, for the PlayStation 3, February 28th. It will be 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 on SEN.

Also available on that day are new costumes for both Noel and Serah. Players will be able to attain Serah’s Beachwear outfit and a Spacetime Guardian outfit for Noel. They will run you 240 Microsoft Points or $2.99 on SEN. Players will be able to equip these new uniforms at any point from the main menu.

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By Adam Westenberger – 02/18/12