Destructoid is reporting that Seaman on the 3DS is a reality! Not only that, but Nintendo is actively seeking past titles to re-release on the 3DS and promote them at their press conference during E3 2012!

GASP! I am getting excited!

For the uninformed, Seaman is a niche title for the Sega DreamCast and is something of legend. You raise a virtual fish that speaks to you. The game did something unique and new back at a time when people were drooling over the PlayStation 2. 

What other niche or older titles could Nintendo be courting for E3 2012? Could we see a Shenmue/Shenmue 2 remake? Jet Grind Radio? Shining Force 3? Panzer Dragoon Saga? Burning Rangers?

I am already getting excited for the answers to this. I pray we learn more by E3 2012!

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By Emily Rutherford – 02/20/12