Square Enix’s new free to download tactical MMORPG is currently available for download. The new title, although free to download does come with a $6.00 monthly subscription fee that gives players access to premium content. This is optional however, but could very well be worth the price of admission.  Premium members have the ability to reach the highest levels, explore all available game areas and story chapters, master all 16 professions, create and join guilds and even become the next governor. Also, both free and premium members will have access to Wakfu’s store, which feature microtransactions used to buy new items and accessories to further inrich the experiance.

With 12 distinct, completely customizable character classes to select from and a variety of missions and turn-based combat to engage in, Wakfu takes place in a vibrant and immersive world where players’ choices are paramount and actions directly impact a continuously evolving ecosystem.  Featuring a rich political system, players can defend their nation against enemy attacks, conquer new territories, vote, elect government officials and even run for governor.

“Empowering the player and putting them in control of their own destiny throughout their journey makes for an unforgettable MMO adventure,” added Anthony Roux, chief executive officer at ANKAMA.  “The game has been a labor of love for everyone on the development team and we are thrilled to finally share our special creation for all to enjoy.”

By Adam Westenberger – 02/29/12