EA has been a little dishonest when it comes to subscription numbers on SWTOR claiming that a large majority of players weren’t logging in when pressed back in March. In the young life of Star Wars the Old Republic, we have seen subscriptions at 1.7 million users. 400,000 have now fled the galaxy for greener MMO pastures and numbers are now down to 1.3 million.

EA is quick to point out that this still makes SWTOR the second largest MMO, well behind World of WarCraft. They also state that these numbers reflect their original projections for the title.

EA will continue to expand upon the content in SWTOR with endgame content, expansion packs, guild content, and PVP updates throughout the course of the year. Up first is E3 and a look at the expansions Legacy and Allies. Both expansions should be available this year.

We will keep you updated on SWTOR and look forward to seeing the content at E3.

By Michael Toller – 05/10/12