9:30 Microsoft begins their briefing showing off what could be the opening cinematic for Halo 4. Coming 11.6.12.

9:37 Don is on stage talking about Xbox being the best selling console worldwide. The Xbox 360, with the magic of Kinect, will bring all forms of entertainment to your Xbox experience.
Xbox experience will be coming to your phones, PC’s, and Tablets later this year.
9:40 Splinter Cel Blacklist is being shown for Xbox 360 for the first time. Sam is now working for Homeland security.
Kinect is being used with voice to say commands like “Hey you” and the enemy will come look for you. Yes, instead of hitting a button, you can shout out commands and hope your small children don’t enter the room and mess up your game.
Splinter Cel Black List coming in 2012.
9:47 EA Sports says that their sports titles “will be better with Kinect.” Now with FIFA, you can change tactics and formation on the fly without going into any menus. If you use profanity at the officials, you can get flagged for it. It will be playable with multiple languages and dialects this fall.
9:49 Madden 13 is being shown with Joe Montana on stage.  Joe is calling plays at the line with Kinect. There is a  slight delay between saying the commands and what happens on the field. August 28 is Madden day for 2012.
9:52 Fable the Journey shown with complete Kinect support. Nobody seems to care.
9:53 Phil Spencer on stage to talk about how 2012 is the biggest year ever for Xbox. Today a new action racer is being shown. Before we discuss that, the new Gears of War trailer is being shown. Gears of War Judgment coming in 2013.
Everything is being pushed to 2013. Is anything good coming out in 2012? Forza Horizon is coming October 23, 2012 and looks like a mix between Forza of old and Midnight Club.

9:57 Now on to the entertainment section. Bing is being expanded to include genres. You can Bing genres like Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, etc. You can then say the name of the title you want to open up the movie. When this update comes in the Fall, it will expand into further languages. Spanish is being shown.

Microsoft plans to double the number of entertainment partners that use Kinect to help make video playing much better.

NBA League Pass is coming to Xbox for the upcoming season. NHL Game Center is also coming to Xbox. Later this year, ESPN will bring 24/7 content on Xbox with ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and ESPN U in HD and all live.

10:04 Microsoft is now announcing Xbox Music–the service they always dreamed of creating. This is coming to Xbox 360, Windows 8, Tablets, and Phones.

The crowd seems to be sleeping through the entertainment announcements so far.
10:06 Nike FuelBand is coming to Xbox 360 and Kinect. Stefan Olander from Nike is taking the stage to talk about it.
If you have a body, you are an athlete. So says Nike. Kinect Training is the product Nike is working with Microsoft on. This will be a personalized digital trainer similar to what Nike does with the star Athletes. 
10:11 Marc Whitten is on stage asking if we could live without our Smart Phone or Tablet. But our devices are not so smart because they don’t work together. Today that is about to change to make all of our devices work together.
Xbox SmartGlass will work with all your devices to make things work together.
With Xbox SmartGlass you can send your movie from your Windows 8 Tablet to your TV. Your Tablet then shows
details about the movie while it resumes on your TV.
Xbox SmartGlass won’t be limited to just movies. They are showing a demo of calling plays on your tablet and the action takes place on your TV. 
Halo 4 concept for SmartGlass is able to start up multiplayer matches and look at maps without going into menus.
10:17 Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox with the power of Kinect voice. Whitten loaded up the Web Hub and shows a ton of predetermined saved sites. A site loads up and he “Plays” it but there is no real browsing.
A second example does, however, show browsing. You have to use our Tablet or smart phone to scroll, pinch, and zoom through the page on your TV. 
10:22 The team from Crystal Dynamics is on stage showing off some footage from later in the game of the new Tomb Raider.
The first DLC will be available exclusively for Xbox 360.
10:27 Ascend New Gods is being shown for the first time in trailer form and coming in 2013.
LocoCycle is the next 2013 title coming from TwistedPixel.
The final title shown in this section of the press conference is matter. This is another 2013 title and is made for Kinect.
10:31 Resident Evil 6 is now being demoed live on stage. Again, DLC will be available first for Xbox 360.
10:38 Wreckateer is being shown as the latest Kinect title. Lets just pretend that wasn’t here.
10:40 South Park is being shown and you are “the new kid” and savior” and can create yourself anyway you want.
This is South Park the Stick of Truth. The creators of South Park are here to talk about the game. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are making fun of Xbox SmartGlass.
They wanted to always make a game that makes you feel like you are in an episode of South Park. Obisidan and them have been working on this for years and they are really excited about the end result.
10:43 Because they haven’t already learned that milking a franchise into the ground ruined Rock Band, now we have Dance Central 3 coming for Xbox and Kinect. 
Usher is here dancing for us live and asked the out of shape and overweight press to stand up and cheer. Um, no.
11:29 Don Mattrick is back on stage asking us to cheer for Usher. Might as well, he cost Microsoft a cool mint.  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is now being shown with content coming to Xbox 360 first before anyone else.
By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/04/12

Screenshots for E3 2012 Microsoft Press Briefing Timeline