Are you one of the many PlayStation Plus members and have been wondering why the service doesn’t offer any benefits for your shiny, new PS Vita? Sony has been very quiet about the subject and when pressed, they have mentioned to be patient. It now appears the time for patience will be over tomorrow.

PlayStation Plus will expand to include the Vita and PS3 platforms according to “sources with knowledge” on the subject. (I guess that is better than sources without knowledge commenting on it?)

What isn’t known is if Sony will keep the same pricing model and just add Vita support to the package or if they will offer a new Vita Only, PlayStation 3 Only, and Vita and PlayStation 3 PlayStation Plus packages. Sony should be revealing all the dirty details at their press conference tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the same price and content for both platforms–at least for early adopters.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/04/12