Developer: Digital Extremes |
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Genre: Action

Release Date: TBA 2013

Last year, Star Trek appeared behind closed doors to a few journalist and surprised everyone. Could someone actually make good use of the Star Trek license? Fast forward twelve months later and Namco is hosting the Star Trek Theater Experience at E3 2012 where those who brave the lengthy lines can watch a demo of the the new Star Trek game in full 3D.

As we were herded like cattle into a circular room, for some unspecified reason, we were then led into another room to sit down in our seats. I grabbed a seat in the front row and slipped on the NVIDIA 3D glasses. The Star Trek Logo popped right in front of my eyes. Tom, the lead designer at Digital Extremes, stood up and began to talk to os about the new Star Trek game.

They were able to get the entire cast of the Star Trek movie to take part in the game by lending their likeness and voices to create a totally authentic experience. They are also designing the game from the ground up to be played via co-op. One person can control the logical Spock–while the other can take the reigns of the headstrong Captain Kirk. This marks the first time that both Kirk and Spock are playable in any Star Trek game.

Our demo begins with a 3D view of the USS Enterprise and zooms around and in to the bridge. Captain Kirk is concerned that they haven’t heard from anyone on New Vulcan and he wants to go investigate with Spock by his side. Spock, on the other hands, comments they should send another group out to search the planet first. Kirk comments, as they are walking to the transporter, “What would be the fun in that?”

As they get beamed down to the planet, Spock and Kirk banter back and forth just like they would in the movies. This is extremely authentic and makes me feel the series is coming alive in front of me. As they approach a closed door, Spock uses his science and tech tools to do a scan and notices that something is wrong with the Vulcans inside. Kirk hacks the computer, opens the door, and they start getting fired on. After knocking out all their enemies (Phasers on stun, Captain!), Spock uses his Vulcan Mind Meld to figure out what is going on. He is puzzled that there is no activity in their brains. Kirk orders that Scotty beam up the unconscious Vulcans for further evaluation.

Kirk continues his character traits of being headstrong and leaping into things before thinking. This is evident as Kirk leaps across a pretty large gap to reach the other side of the bridge. He barely hangs on and then the bridge starts falling apart. Spock using his senses has to find a way to bring the bridge over and Kirk gets up.

As they proceed through New Vulcan, the mystery of what has happened here increases. What happened to these Vulcans? Why were they attacking Kirck and Spock? Then a new enemy appears and Spock is able to find its weak spots with his scanning tools. This is the new villainous foes for the Star Trek game: The Gorn! These guys are massive and during this “mini boss” battle, either Kirk or Spock can be pinned down. The other player must help out to free their comrade in trouble. It is unclear, however, what happens if you don’t save your fellow player in a certain amount of time.

As you get passed the big Gorn, you discover that they are not alone and several other smaller Gorn appear to rip apart our two heroes. As they are defeated with phasers, Spock leaps onto a floating base and Kirk comes after. LIke usual, Kirk is a bit late and barely hangs on. Before Spock can help, one of the Gorn grabs him. Kirk has to reach for his gun, while hanging on barely to the side of the platform, and shoot the creature in the head so Spock can be free. This is intense and feels like something that would actually happen in the movie.

Once they are both on their feet, the platform they are on ship crashes and lands into another building. Both Spock and Kirk are bruised, battered, and their uniforms are visually ripped and dirty. Spock and Kirk are separated in the room and more Gorn appear to take them out. Fortunately, after acquiring some of the Gorn weapons, they escape the room and the door behind them is locked from behind. Unfortunately, several Gorn are beating down the door and trying to get through while another group of Gorn appear in front of you. Fearing the worst, Kirk sends word to Scotty to fire torpedoes at a specific spot he marks and the Gorn are all killed. This is how our intense and satisfying trip through Star Trek ends for now!

We are thirsty and eager for more! If this game isn’t awesome when it comes out, somebody really messed up.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/07/12

Screenshots for Star Trek Boldly Goes to Awesome!