Arstechnica  has reported that the long-running Nintendo Power magazine is ceasing publication since beginning its magazine run all the way back in 1988.

On Twitter, Chris Hoffman, Senior Editor at NP, said “sad to see it go” and further confirmation came from NP Writer Phil Theobald saying “something pretty sweet planned for the final issue.” These tweets have been deleted since posting.

Future, who took over the magazine publishing for Nintendo in 2007, has been trying to get Nintendo to agree to any sort of new ideas for digital issues and other marketing incentives. Nintendo is unwilling to also assume direct control of the magazine again and has decided to not renew the contract with future.

There is no word on how current subscribers will be compensated or how many future issues will be published after the 281st August 2012 issue. NP had 475,000 subscribers according to Future.

I have fond memories of Nintendo Power and read it in my younger years. Since covering the industry at CVGames, I looked forward to seeing the Editors and writers of Nintendo Power at Trade Shows and Press Events.

It is sad Nintendo was unwilling to continue their magazine and shows that an all print publication is not going to survive in the future without online and digital versions.

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By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/22/12