As part of the Wii U announcement today, Nintendo revealed some of the non-gaming portions of the new console. While services like Hulu Plus and Netflix have already been revealed for the Wii U, today’s announcement is building on that with Nintendo TVii. This service will allow users to share and interact with other Nintendo TVii users via Facebook, Twitter, and “other services.”

The details about the service are incredibly vague and gives insight as to why Nintendo has yet to reveal anything about it until now. What we do know is that the Wii U Gamepad will be used to interact with Netflix, Wii U, and “DVR units” to see what friends are watching, see scores of games, watch highlights, and more. This service will only be available in US and Canada at launch but with details this vague, does it even matter?

The good news is that Nintendo TVii will be available to users of the Wii U console at no additional charge. More details should be coming in the coming weeks. And hopefully we get more details soon as the console will be launching November 18, 2012 in North America.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 09/13/12