Ready to get your hot little hands on the new Wii U console? You won’t have to wait much longer as Nintendo has revealed the platform will be available, in North America, on November 18, 2012, in Europe, on November 30, 2012, and in Japan, December 8, 2012.

The console will be available in all markets in both a Standard White, with 8GB of memory and a Deluxe Black version, with 32 GB of memory. Pricing in the US is $299.99 for the Standard and $349.99 for the Deluxe. Pricing in Europe is “up to the retailers” and Nintendo won’t be revealing pricing for the region. In Japan, the Standard will run ¥26,250 ($338) and the Deluxe will set gamers back ¥31,250 ($405).

The 8 GB Standard Edition will feature the white console, white Gamepad, AC Adapters for the console and Gamepad, Sensor Bar, and a HDMI Cable.

The 32 GB Deluxe Edition will include Nintendo Land, a stand for both the Black Console and Black Gamepad, a charging cradle for the Gamepad, and all items from the Standard Edition. The Deluxe Edition will also include a “Deluxe Digital Promotion” that will reward gamers for digital purchases and promises unannounced eShop rewards. The Deluxe Digital Promotion will run through December of 2014.

All game disks, for the Wii U, feature 25 GB of data to store the games.

We find it very strange that Nintendo is not releasing pricing in the European market. But Nintendo did reveal that the Euro-Deluxe Version will also include a ZombiU skin and a ZombiU Pro Controller.

With multiple SKU’s and the multitude of pricing that comes with it, Nintendo may find that there is a lot of confusion in the market over their Wii U Console. Will White console owners be shunned for their color?

Also, Nintendo has still not revealed any firm dates for transferring data from the Wii to the Wii U Console.

Nintendo should have the market to themselves for the next 12 months to try and create a foothold with the core gamer. If they can manage this, the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles will have a much more difficult time getting an early lead–especially if they are priced higher than the $299.99/$349.99 of the Wii U.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 09/13/12

Screenshots for Nintendo Wii U Dated 11/18/12