On the eve of the biggest PlayStation news of the year, a few more details are starting to become more clear. The Streaming service Sony purchased last year, Gaikai, will be rebranded as PlayStation Cloud. This service will be how Sony handles backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3 titles on the new hardware and chipset within the PS4.

Sony is apparently planning several changes to the online services of the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Plus will be removed and migrated into a service called PlayStation World. No word  if the Instant Game Collection will be removed as well. However, expect most online services to cost additional money–unlike the PS3 online strategy. This means we probably will see voice chat and online gaming behind some sort of paywall like Microsoft has done with Xbox 360.

Other last minute rumors suggest Sony will release PlayStation 4 sometime in November 2013 at price points of $429 and $529.

Sony’s PlayStation event starts tomorrow 6PM ET, live from New York, and stay tuned for all the details as they are revealed.

Remember the planned Aliens RPG from Obsidian? Back in 2010 Sega canceled the project. In 2010, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said Aliens: Crucible was basically a complete game when Sega pulled the plug and canceled the game. Sounds like they should have canned the Gearbox game instead… Below, you can view 13 minutes of the canceled Aliens: Crucible footage from an early alpha build from Obsidian Games.

In news that appears to get worse everyday, reports are suggesting Gearbox was dishonest to Sega and 2K games during the early development of Aliens: Colonial Marines and the original Borderlands.

An “unknown” source, who worked at Gearbox from 2007 to 2008 has come out suggesting:
“Gearbox was taking people off the project to put them on Borderlands 1,. This was before the big art style change happened on Borderlands. Our team was getting smaller by the month, making it very difficult to get the game made. Ironically several of the team members were ex-3D Realms people who were saying [paraphrasing] ‘Finally, we’re going to Gearbox to make Aliens, and we’re going to ship a @!$@!@$$$ game!’ Hah.

At some point in 2008, SEGA temporarily pulled the plug on the game. They caught wind of Gearbox shifting resources (despite still collecting milestone checks as if the team were full size) and lying to SEGA AND 2K about the number of people working on each project. This led to the round of layoffs at Gearbox in late 2008.”

Sounds like Gearbox has some explaining to do but they are remaining quiet on the subject and pretending like everything is rosy.

2K Sports today revealed plans to pair up NBA 2K13 and MLB 2013 for a MSRP of $79.99 on March 5, 2013, for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Jason Argent, VP of Marketing at 2K Sports said this about the bundle:
 “Bundling two of the biggest sports franchises again just made sense. In the same way that fans don’t limit themselves to one sport, sports video gamers seek the level of variety and convenience offered in this package. Combining NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K13 will make it easy for fans to discover the latest entries to these popular franchises at an incredible value.”
Though Sony will steal the headlines tomorrow, NVIDIA revealed the next-generation of graphics cards in the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan. Coming out in the next few weeks, NVIDIA claims this card will make the world’s first Gaming Supercomputer. Titan features:
World’s Fastest Single GPU Card
2,688 NVIDIA CUDA® cores
Chromium-plate Aluminum Design
Up to 4-WAY SLI Support

Origin PC is already planning to include the new card in their computers. CEO Kevin Wasielewski said this about the new card:
“When NVIDIA first showed us TITAN, we were simply blown away by its single GPU performance on even the most demanding games and applications. Just wait until you see it running on an ORIGIN PC . With support of our CRYOGENIC Liquid Cooling Solution, Professional Overclocking and up to 4-WAY SLI, TITAN brings us the first true gaming supercomputer.”

The NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture gives you 2,688 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 4.5 teraflops of gaming horsepower. Plus, GTX TITAN delivers a 384-bit memory interface running at a blazing fast 6 Gbps for an amazing 288 GB/s of memory bandwidth—enough power to handle even the most extreme high-resolution games.

With capability like this, you can play the most graphically intensive PC games with NVIDIA 3D Surround™ monitors at maxed-out settings.

This won’t come cheap and will be the top of the line card in NVIDIA’s lineup at a MSRP of $999.99. Expect other cards in their lineup to start dropping in price. In addition, this card will be much more powerful than anything Sony or Microsoft will have in their next consoles. Unlike past hardware cycles where the console overpowers the PC early in their life–this means the PC should never leave as the most powerful platform on the market.

Gears of War: Judgment, not coming out until next month, is the latest high-profile game to be leaked early via the Internet. Microsoft has promised that any console seen playing the game early will have a lifetime ban from Xbox Live and face the legal arm of Microsoft.

This generation, the Xbox 360 has been the most hacked console and this may be more than enough for Microsoft to make the Xbox 720 tie games to user accounts and force games to only be played online.

In sad news, Harmonix has revealed that April 2, 2013, will be the last of their weekly Rock Band track updates. For the past 275 weeks, over 4,000 songs have been released through the weekly updates. No word on how long Harmonix will continue to offer songs to users who choose to go back and purchase tracks.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 02/19/13

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