Developer: Sucker Punch |
Publisher: Sony
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Action

Release Date: 2013 Launch Title?

As Sony ushered in their last console, PlayStation 3, Sucker Punch made the most of the new hardware by creating a new franchise. Gone were the days of them developing new adventures for Sly Cooper and his crew. They had moved on to inFamous. With the PlayStation 4, they still have plenty to do within the world. At the PlayStation 4’s First Reveal Event, Sucker Punch showed off inFamous Second Son.

Second Son brings us a brand new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, with a new city to explore, new powers for our hero, and the power of the new PS4 behind them. Rowe is a 24 year old kid who, like most twenty-somethings, feels he is destined for great things. He grows up in the Seattle area and greatness does find him. An accident occurs where a bus wrecks, catches on fire, and people are in need of help. Here, Delsin Rowe realizes he has the ability transform, manipulate, and control Smoke. How did he get these powers?

Set seven years after the last adventures of Cole McGrath, the world is very concerned about anyone with special powers. If anyone shows signs of having powers, they are immediately turned over to the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) and are never seen from again. Now Delsin Rowe will be the target of DUP. Will he be able to give up his freedom to ensure the security of the nation?

inFamous Second Son will take place in Seattle and showcase all of the famous landmarks within the city. Sucker Punch promises we will learn more about inFamous in the coming months. So we should be hearing more around E3 2013. Until then, here is a trailer for the inFamous Second Son.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 02/21/13
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Screenshots for inFamous Second Son First Look