Developer: Thekla Inc |
Publisher: Thekla Inc
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: 2013 PS4 Launch Title?

Jonathan Blow took the stage at the PlayStation 4’s First Reveal Event, in New York, to show off his new game–The Witness. Developed by Blow and his indie Development House Thekla Inc, they are planning on delivering an awesome Puzzle game that moves the genre in a new direction.

The Witness takes place in an open world so the player is free to go wherever they want. This allows Blow, and his team, to create puzzles and other challenges to overcome that aren’t possible in a traditional puzzle game. Due to the nature of the open world, difficult puzzles, normally left towards the end of a game, can be placed at any point since the player is free to leave and go to a different portion of the world.

Blow wants the world of The Witness to be small and full of things to do. In fact, the entire island, where The Witness takes place, can be traveled in just over a minute. Despite the small size, Blow promises over 25 hours of gameplay time due to the extremely large number of puzzles. These Puzzles will all have context within the world and convey a message. As the player unlocks a series of puzzles, they will see that each puzzle leads them to have a series of ideas revealed to them.

Jonathan Blow and the team at Thekla Inc have been working on The Witness for three and a half years and they are now beginning to see the end of the Development process in sight. They look forward showing the game off more in the comings months and revealed that The Witness will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 during its “launch window period.”

You can follow along with development of The Witness at the game’s site: or keep reading CVGames. Below you can see the launch trailer for The Witness

By Kaleb Rutherford – 02/21/13
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Screenshots for The Witness First Look