Razer has shown off an intern playing Crysis 3, sitting on a beanbag, and running it on the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet. While it is hard to see just how well it is running, the fact that the upcoming tablet can run games like Crysis 3 is an amazing accomplishment for the power of the platform.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Guild Wars 2, what is wrong with you? The sequel to Guild Wars is a lot of fun and has a lot of new content coming up in the next few months. To help remedy your lack of Guild Wars 2, AreaNet has a special sale going on until February 25. You can pick up the digital edition for $39.99 (normally $59.99) or the digital deluxe edition for $54.99 (normally $79.99).

You now have no excuse! Guild Wars 2 is available for both Mac and PC Platforms.

Fire Emblem Awakening has yet another DLC pack available. Instead of Nintendo completing all the packs, they keep adding more. Currently we have Champions of Yore, the Golden Pack, and now The Lost Bloodlines 1. Each pack has 3 parts and they are all incomplete. But that doesn’t stop Nintendo from offering you a “discount” for buying all episodes now.

The Lost Bloodlines 1, the latest, is available for $3 or $6 for all three parts. It gives you the ability to summon Leif, a character  from a past Fire Emblem when you defeat the map.

As a Fire Emblem nerd, I am required to give Nintendo all my money for DLC. So I will suggest you do the same too! The DLC is purchased and unlocked from within the game–once you reach Chapter 4.

Looking for more to buy? The PC Digital Download version of Bioshock Infinite is currently on special at Amazon. If you preorder the PC digital download version, Amazon will immediately send a $15 voucher for use on any other released 2K Game, from Amazon, and a second $15 voucher, again for any released 2K Game from Amazon, once the game comes out. You cannot use this for the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass.

Amazon also has a ton of other games on sale in their “Farewell to February” special. Simply use the code CAGROCKS to get the discount applied.

No news article would be complete until we talk about the PS4. Guerrilla Games brought by a PS4 and version of Killzone Shadow Fall. This is yet another reason why Jimmy Fallon is the only late night talk show worth watching.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 02/23/13

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