The Xbox 720 rumors continue to come out and now an unnamed source has said that the Xbox 720 will require an Internet connection for any games or apps to run. If you lose your connection, you have three minutes to regain it or the app/game will suspend until you regain it. 

The majority of this country still doesn’t have a great Internet connection and some have no broadband or only once choice available. 

Microsoft has remained quiet on the subject. With all of the rumors and details that have been leaked, they must be going through with an always online console. From the consumers I have heard from and spoken with, this will be a disaster console.

The Kickstarter funded Ouya console has begun shipping and the feedback isn’t exactly good. 

The Verge has given the Ouya a 3.5 out of 10 and said:
“For $99, everyone who backed Ouya’s Kickstarter has unwittingly signed up to beta-test a game console. Alpha-test, even: this is a product with some good ideas and a potentially promising future, but it’s a million miles away from something worth spending your money on. Even if the concept is right, the Ouya misses the mark. The controller needs work, the interface is a mess, and have I mentioned there’s really nothing to do with the thing? I’m not even sure the concept is right, either: there are plenty of fun Android games, but currently few that work well with a controller and even fewer that look good on your television.”

Engadget has also posted a review but they didn’t give it a score:
“And then there is, of course, the game selection. There are quite a few titles here worth playing, but virtually all of them have been seen elsewhere in one form or another, which makes the initial offering a bit hard to get excited about. Additionally, the vast majority are what we’d broadly call “mobile” games: simple experiences and simple graphics that are fine for casual play, but lack the kind of immersion you might want when you get settled in at home on your couch.”

Microsoft and Fox Television have been involved in a Patent and Trademark dispute over Killer Instinct. For Microsoft, this is a franchise they acquired with the purchase of Rare. For Fox, this was an ill-received TV show in 2005 that was quickly canceled. Instead of continuing to fight over this in courts, the two sides have agreed to not object to each other using the title Killer Instinct.

Does this mean we may see a future sequel to the Rare Fighting Game franchise in the near future?

Cryptic and Perfect World have announced that Neverwinter, the upcoming Free to Play Action MMO, will enter Open Beta on April 30. Players who are part of the Founders program, will be able to get their hands on the game during a special Beta Weekend starting on April 12. 

“The direct response and support from the Neverwinter community during our Closed Beta Weekends have pushed us to make Neverwinter the best free-to-play MMORPG anyone has yet seen,” Cryptic COO Craig Zinkievich wrote in the press release. “On April 30, we go into Open Beta. That’s when the world we’ve labored for years to build comes to life — that’s when every gamer can login and play what we’ve worked so hard to create. We could not be more excited.”

We have a special interview coming up next week talking more about Neverwinter.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 04/04/13

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