If rumors are true, Sony will announce a $349, single SKU, PlayStation 4 at E3 2013. Microsoft will announce the Xbox One for $399 with a rumored subsidized price for purchasing the “Xbone” through their ISP or Cable TV Provider. 

Michael Pachter suggests that the PlayStation 4 will cost $275 to manufacturer and the Xbox One will cost $325. We are at the one week countdown for E3 and will have to wait and see what Microsoft and Sony end up showing and telling us about their new boxes.

Speaking of Xbox One, a new image has quietly surfaced on “the tubes of the interwebs.” It shows several boxes that suggest potential Xbox One titles. These include: Banjo Kazooie Grunty Land, Halo Spartan Assault, Fable IV, Forza V, Quantum Break, and titles that could include Dead Rising 3, Bungie’s Destiny, and Respawn Entertainment’s new title. A week away folks, that is all we are to learning about the future of this industry. Exciting, isn’t’ it?

For a system with no game software, there sure has been a lot of news about “other uses” for the PlayStation Vita. This time we learn that Skype has been updated to allow chatting with others while in a game. You can start or manage Skype calls by hitting the PS button and navigating over to Skype.

True, it won’t make your Vita play anything new but at least it is a cool use for platform.

When is Dark Souls II releasing? Namco Bandai jumped the gun and started hanging their E3 2013 banner outside the LA Convention Center. It reads Spring 2014. Namco Bandai has also confirmed the release date. The quest remains–was this to help polish the game or delay it for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Okay PopCap, you teased us with a teaser about a release date. Now you have given us another trailer with no gameplay. In the latest Plants VS Zombies 2 trailer, we see them spoof Back to the Future. It finally makes sense as to why the new title is subtitled: Its About Time. Duh, it really is about Time Travel!

Sadly, the new title will be released as a Free To Play product. This means you will have to open up your wallet and pay countless dollars to unlock and open up the game when it is released globally, on iOS, July 18, 2013. Trailer is here for you below:

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/03/13

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