Here we are on the eve of yet another Electronic Entertainment Expo conference. Better known as E3, this is the show where consoles have captivated the heart of an industry. E3 is the place where games are transformed from mere good ideas into industry-changing titles. Guitar Hero, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, Bioshock, and countless others have had their fortunes changed for the better. Of course, there have also been titles and platforms that have seen the other end of the spectrum.  What titles will see success at this years show?  Will either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One have an ill-reception like the PlayStation 3 did in 2005?

Last year, E3 featured one of the most lackluster and boring shows I have ever seen in my fifteen years of covering the show. There were only a handful of good titles and we had to really stretch to find games that were awarded one of our coveted Best of E3 Billy Awards.

This year, E3 2013 looks to deliver an amazing show with exclusive information being revealed by both Microsoft and Sony about the upcoming launches of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also on hand will be Nintendo telling their story about why you should purchase a Wii U Console along with the Nintendo 3DS. We will be on hand to cover the Press Conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and be on hand for NIntendo’s special Pre-E3 Wii U Software showcase. 

Despite some concerns that E3 would move to another state, The ESA, Entertainment Software Association who runs E3, made a deal, at the last minute, to keep E3 in LA despite the challenges with potential new construction taking out part of the LA Covention Center. E3 has been in LA for the entirety of the conference except for 2 years when it moved to Atlanta. The last year in Atlanta, 1997, was also the founding and first year we covered E3 at CVGames.

We are looking forward to a great show this year. Be sure to check out our coverage during E3 and our Post-E3 coverage after the show. We will also have plenty of audio interviews up on Parents Press Play and I will link to those as well.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/08/13

Screenshots for E3 2013 Here We Come!