Developer: Respawn Entertainment |
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Genre: FPS

Release Date: TBA 2014

In the most crowded room at the EA booth we sat and saw the eagerly first title from Respawn Entertainment–Titanfall. The game, we were told, is about the interaction between giant Titans and the smaller pilots on the ground. For our demo, played for us live, The ship, the redeye is coming in and your job is to save it, protect it, and keep it and all the other ships safe while refilling.

Players begin in a hangar in space with other characters talking about the upcoming machine. Upon a brief introduction, your ship jumps into some type of warp drive and you land on a planet. Immediately, you are under attack. The fleet of ships are running on fumes and you gotta help protect everyone to make sure they get the fuel they need.

As play is about to start, a curtain is pulled back to our right. In the darkened room with screens giving off light, there is a team and they’re all playing in this cooperative match. There were at least a good two dozen playing though we were not given a specific number. Also, due to the 45 minute wait for even VIPs, nobody had time to field or answer questions.

One of the interesting gameplay elements the players, on the ground possess, referred to as Pilots, is a jetpack. This gives them easy access to several layers throughout the level. You can jump and run up walls and hover to higher surfaces. Players can do this to navigate between the ground and higher ground to help combat against the enemy Titans. Titans are the giant Mech units in the world. They are big powerful, and extremely agile. Titans are, however, not invincible. During the demo, we saw the team jump on a Titan, from behind, pull off a surface and shoot it until it exploded.  Players inside the Titan also have a chance to eject before it detonates. Ejection leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds and players can practically one shot you, in the air, before you can move. So leaving a Titan, in this way, can be a bit dangerous.

Once the Titan ability has been called and you have to leave your unit, there is a two minute timer on another Titan being called in. This prevents the players from continually spamming new Titans and trying to be more powerful in this way. Titans have a gun and they also have a flame ability on the left arm. They hold out their left arm and fire the blast sorta like how Iron Man fires his energy shots.

The level we were shown was very open. There was plenty of room for a Titan to roam around and also a ton of ways for player Pilots to get from the ground to higher ground in order to counter the Titans. Because of this, the Titans, while powerful, didn’t feel overpowered. You can have an advantage based on how you play–not on your Titan.

As you complete objectives, kill units, or positively impact your team, points appear on your screen. This gives a bulletstorm-like feel of score.

LIke other console-based games. There is a map in the upper left hand corner and shows both enemy and friendly units on the screen. This may be seen as a negative to hardcore PC users who absolutely despise knowing where enemy units are by simply looking at a map. However, the gameplay is very fast so if you spend time looking at a map, you are probably dead anyway.

Titanfall is exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms with a PC release scheduled as well. We look forward to seeing Titanfall and it was definitely one of the best games shown for the Xbox One platform. Titanfall will release in 2014.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/14/13

Screenshots for Titanfall First Look