CCP, Developer and Publisher of Eve Online, invited us to their Meeting Room during E3 2013. Here, they gave us some updates on Eve Online and where the franchise is going. At this point, in it’s life, Eve Online has reached the highest subscriber rate in the history of the game. That is despite it being relatively unfriendly to newer players (something they continue to try and address) and being over decade old. With the second decade of Eve Online beginning, they were even recently inducted into MoMA–The Museum of Modern Art. Quite an accomplishment for a title many thought would fall on its face with competition from virtually every major Publisher over the last decade.

CCP has been busy collecting True Stories from their players detailing their experiences over the last ten years of gameplay. Over 700 entries were submitted and the community voted on the entries. The winners won exoctic trips and other large prizes. So what is going to become of these True Stories? CCP, Eve Online, and Dark Horse Comics are producing a free Digital Comic called Eve True Stories that will feature the real, winning, stories from the Eve Online First Decade universe. In addition to this, Eve Source will feature this and more content in a full Hardback Volume. This will be out later in the year.

Even more Eve Online is on the way. CCP and Baltasar Koramakur will be releasing an original TV Series called Eve. This show is set 20,000 years in the future and more details will be revealed in the coming months.

Later this year, in October 2013, players will be able to buy The Second Decade Collector’s Edition of EVE Online. Inside, you will get a USB HUB, a ship model, and a bunch of in-game content.  It will also include Danger Game–a real board game that was designed by the EVE Online team. It is one of the best selling games in Iceland.

In addition to the Collector’s Edition, CCP has been busy with a side project. They are working on slowly porting over EVE Online as EVR with Oculus Rift. While it has no release date, it was being shown off at E3 and I really want an Oculus Rift now. This could very well bring Virtual Reality to the masses in ways we have been dreaming of for 20 years.

Briefly, I was told about Uprising–the largest expansion to the Dust 514 title. This expansion greatly improved the texture resolution and allowed the graphics and visuals to be made much nicer. In addition, there were new weapons, more roles, updated physics, and almost everything in the game was fixed that had bugs reported on. They also are working on the connection to the game. In Uprising Dust 514, it went from 4 minutes to 90 seconds in order to load up the game and connect to the servers. For getting into battles, it takes 20 to 90 seconds now depending on the number of players online. CCP is working to improve this in the future as well.

Another big update is the skill tree is now node based instead of text based. This will make it easier to navigate and choose your skills. 

With all of these changes and new features, Dust 514 is set for the future along with the Second Decade of EVE Online!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/15/13

Screenshots for EVE Online, Dust 514, & CCP at E3 2013