Developer: Media Molecule |
Publisher: Sony
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Platform

Release Date: 10/22/13

If you are a platform holder and trying to revive a platform that is lacking original games, who do you turn to? If you are Sony and you are trying to ensure the long term success of the PlayStation Vita platform, you couldn’t do much better than Media Molecule. This is the team that created the phenomenal LittleBigPlanet. Tearaway is their answer to making an engaging and unique experience on the PlayStation Vita platform that you can’t play anywhere else. 

Tearaway is a world where everything on the screen is some type of paper. This alone gives the game a unique look. Players control a Delivery Boy or Delivery Girl, depending on what they create, and need to get a lost letter to you, the player. You are tasked with using the VIta’s more unique features to help the Delivery Boy/Girl in getting the letter to you.

Tearaway is an attempt at making use of all features the PlayStation Vita has to offer: buttons, analog sticks, touch screen, and real touch screen. Some might be concerned that this will end up being no more than a fancy tech demo or clumsy way to force poor controls upon the player. Actually, the opposite couldn’t be more true. The controls are used to enhance the experience and not take away from your fun. Players will utilize the face buttons to get our delivery boy across gaps and the touch screen isn’t used enough to take away from the front face buttons. This is the game the Vita really needed at launch or its first holiday.

Players are also given presents. In order to open these, you have to pull the ribbons apart holding the wrapping paper on the package. You do this by swiping on the ribbons in opposite directions with both hands. This is slightly uncomfortable and I am glad that there is a wrist strap attached to my Vita so I don’t drop it by mistake. 

How easy is the rear touch screen to use? By the end of the first level, you will really have the hang of navigating the world using it. This is quite an accomplishment because I can count zero games that have utilized it well so far. You will find unfolding the levels with the rear touch screen will be second nature and poking and pulling from the front will also compliment the rear touch screen as well. 

Tearaway looks to be the breakout hit the PlayStation Vita needs. It is unique, innovative, and may permanently find a place on the first screen of apps for my Vita when it is released later this year.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/20/13

Screenshots for Tearaway Updated Look