Developer: Frogwares |
Publisher: Focus Interactive
Players: 1 Player Game |
Release Date: 06/20/13 |
Genre: Puzzle
A quick glance at Magrunner: Dark Pulse and you will swear you are looking at some type of Portal clone. No, this cake is not a lie. Magrunner is a new title, with science fiction and Puzzle elements, creating an entirely interesting experience on the PC platform. Instead of utilizing portals, your character wields magnetism. Sadly, the frequent load screens tend to take you out of the experience.

Players control Dax Ward who is guided by his mutant mentor and Dad figure. You are selected to be one of the seven Magrunners to go through the training program and ultimately into space. The game begins with a nine stage tutorial that tries to guide you through the ins and outs of the magnetic gameplay mechanics. I found it to lack a lot of specific detail and didn’t teach the player how to get past each room and on to the next. As a budget $19.99 title on Steam, some may be able to overlook this but I found the lack of insight and direction to be annoying. A better way would be to have some sort of hologram complete a similar puzzle so the player could see how the mechanics work. 

Another negative portion of these early levels is the abundant load times. Each time the player completes a room, no matter how small, a rather lengthy load time shows its ugly face as you are forced to impatiently wait to the next level. This is extremely irritating and forced me to look at my watch more than I was having fun.

Gameplay in Magrunner: Dark Pulse has you controlling two opposing magnetic forces linked to the Left and Right mouse buttons. Tapping the same force twice, or picking up the item you magnetized will put it in a neutral mode.  Dax Ward wields these magnetic powers with his MagTech Glove strapped to his right hand.

If you can stomach the early learning curve and frequent loading screens, Magrunners: Dark Pulse has some elements that make it worth a look. This title features around eleven hours of content and some fun puzzles to try and figure out. Wrapping up the package is a fully realized science fiction story in a $19.99 package on the Steam platform. This makes the title worth a look. Since it isn’t for everyone, we recommend trying it before committing twenty bucks to the title. 

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/27/13

Screenshots for Magrunner: Dark Pulse