Developer: A4 Tech |
Publisher: Bloody
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Release Date: 05/12/17 |
Genre: Accessory
We had the chance to visit with A4 Tech and their Bloody product line of products back at E3 2013. They were making some claims that I just didn’t feel were possible. So when they told me that they were sending a review unit of the Bloody Headshot V7 Mouse, I was ready to put them to the test. Turns out, I have a new favorite gaming mouse–especially for First Person Shooters. 

On the box, the claim is made that they have response time of 1ms versus competing mice of up to 18ms. They also have special software to help keep your mouse still when taking headshots. This is known as their Auto Recoil Suppression. They also have a “holeless HD engine” that keeps dust and liquid out of the mouse. This allows for easy wiping to keep the mouse as precise as the day you purchased it. 

I have used a lot of gaming mice and the only thing that seems to be innovated on are higher DPI and weights to make the mouse heavier. None of this seems to be a focal point of A4 Tech’s Bloody Headshot V7 Mouse. The mouse is about unique functions that Razer, Logitech, and Madcatz haven’t even attempted at trying in the past. 

The Bloody Headshot V7 Mouse is very pleasing to the eyes. It has a soft glossy feel on the top with a bloody handprint, the logo for the Bloody line at A4 Tech, that pulsates on and off when not in use. The mouse wheel, located between the left and right mouse buttons, is large and very easy to scroll. There are also two buttons on the side of the mouse with a hard plastic feel. Curiously, the Forward and Back buttons were swapped from what I normally saw on other mice. A quick trip to the included “Bloody3” software was easy enough to switch these buttons around so they performed like every other mouse on the market. 

Below the mouse wheel are three buttons. These buttons operate the different features of the “Bloody3” software. For non-First Person Shooter games, the first button is about all you will want to use. This allows for the world’s fastest response time. Actually, it seems to be true. I noticed that all of my clicks–no matter the game–were going through faster and I was playing better at any game I threw at this mouse. In First Person Shooter games, using Core 2 or Core 3 in the “Bloody3” software and then activated with button 2 or 3 on the mouse. There are only slight differences I was able to find in Core 2 and Core 3. Core 2 and 3 both offer rapid fire when holding down the right mouse button and firing with the left. Core 3, however, takes this to an entirely different level with firing so fast, you would swear you added some type of rapid fire button on your mouse. In Borderlands 2, I went from just getting by to destroying even “Badass” named enemies. Also, when pressing Button 2, the mouse wheel will turn from Red to Green. On Button 3, the mouse wheel will turn from Red to Yellow.

How does Core 3 work? It uses the Macros found in software that used to run an additional $20 but is now included with the Bloody Headshot V7 Mouse. Now they include it with the mouse but instead of being $50 it is now $69.99 MSRP for the mouse. When on Core 3, a menu called Headshot appears that allows you to setup Macros in the games you play. For example, you can have the mouse immediately reload when picking up a gun or fire off bullets as quickly as possible. (This is the default my software came with.)
There is even more advanced Oscar software that looks like you need a degree to figure out. With limited documentation, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. So while this software seems powerful, they have a ways to go in making it usable for most people.

Overall, for a mouse that is well under a hundred bucks, the Bloody Headshot V7 Mouse from A4 Tech is a bargain and will improve the games you play. With a design similar to the Razer CM Storm, this is something I highly recommend for PC and Mac players. You can purchase this mouse from Newegg.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 07/04/13

Screenshots for Bloody Headshot V7 Mouse