Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!

Kalypso Media has released their vampire stealth game DARK. This game features RPG elements and lets you stalk enemies from the shadows. DARK is for purchase and download via Steam and looks to be a fun title. We plan on bringing you a review once we receive a review code.

Speaking of games we want to review. Atlus has revealed the packaging for the Limited Edition SMTIV–releasing on July 16. Their PR Manager did an unboxing–showing the Limited
Edition 3DS title for the first time. You can view it below:

Also, they are apparently not joking about registering the game with your Club Nintendo account.
It’s really important that you do so.

After two years of hints and waiting, one of the greatest modern Role Playing Games, Final Fantasy VII, has finally released on the Steam platform for an estimated $11.99. It will also feature controller support, Steam Achievements, and require 3 GB of space. 

Speaking of Final Fantasy, the re-release of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are going to feature a new 30 minute ending. We assume this ending will take place at the end of X-2. So it looks like if you love Final Fantasy as much as I do, you will definitely want to pick up this package to see what the new ending is.

From old games to games that never will come out, Warrior’s Lair, an Action RPG that was shown at E3 2011, has been officially canned. This was a cross-play Vita and PS3 game. Sony said this in a statement:
“Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that Warrior’s Lair for PS Vita is no longer in development. We apologize to those who pre-ordered the title and ask that they contact their retailer directly to cancel their pre-sale.”

Sony later clarified that the PS3 version was also canceled.

From the canceled to the disappointing, Sim City is still trying to make their fans happy after a rocky launch and mass exodus of players. Maxis is talking about letting players build a larger city and do it offline! The “Classic Mode” would be a single city that can be played offline or online and features many of the features such as a city twice as large. You would also be able to build subways, one way roads, and have terraforming. And why weren’t these features included to begin with?.

Better late than never I suppose.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 07/04/13

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