Kick them when they are down. At least this is what SEGA, Double Fine, Codemasters, and other THQ Executives are doing to bankrupt THQ. Sega is seeking nearly a million bucks, or $941,710.93, for pre-orders the company received from Steam. THQ sold off all of their franchises to various companies during the bankruptcy trial. Sega purchased Developer Relic and the Company of Heroes franchise for a cool 26.6 million dollars in 2013.

In happier news, NIS America revealed that the next installment of the Disgaea series, D2: A Brighter Darkness, is coming to PlayStation 3 on October 8, 2013, and Europe on September 27, 2013. This will be the 10th Anniversary of the Disgaea franchise and the new title features the return of Laharl, Etna, and Flonne! We really can’t wait for this one.

Tired of DOTA 2 being in beta? Apparently so is Valve. Late last night, the  company revealed that DOTA 2 is no longer in beta and had officially launched. Valve’s Erik Johnson had this to say:
“Our goal over the next few weeks is continue to make the game more enjoyable as more players are brought in. We hope to make it as smooth as possible for existing players and new players alike.”

Riot Games revealed that Lucian the Purifier is the next character for League of Legends. He is a ranged Fighter that shoots light bullets that burst on impact. You can view him in more detail in the video below:

Witching Hour Studios released the sequel to their hit Strategy iOS title Ravenmark with Ravenmark: Mercenaries. This is a Free to Play title, unlike the previous $9.99 entry point of the original, and allows you to build up an army, customize your Banner, and lead them to victor with asynchronous play against friends and random foes.Build an army of formidable mercenaries and make your banner renowned in RAVENMARK: 

Ian Gregory, co-founder of Witching Hour, had this to say:
“We designed RAVENMARK: Mercenaries to realize the full potential of its table-top gaming origins. By scrutinizing every detail of the original RAVENMARK, we’ve created more emphasis on head-to-head battles while encouraging players to feel the growth of their mercenary army.”

The game is available on the App Store

By Kaleb Rutherford – 07/10/13

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