Looking for some PlayStation Exclusives? Look no further than the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. This prequel to The Phantom Pain will get some extra special content on both the PS4 and PS3 platforms. This information came to us via the Twitter account of Hideo Kojima himself.

Ground Zeroes will retail for $30 when it arrives on both next-generation and current generation platforms in Spring 2014. We still, however, have no idea when The Phantom Pain will be released. 

At Blizzcon, Blizzard was asked if they ever would redo WarCraft 1, 2, and 3 to work on modern computers. The answer was they have a side team working on this. The original WarCraft launched in November 1994, for the PC. WarCraft 2: Tides of Darkness launched in December 1995, on the PC. WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos launched on July 2002 with its expansion coming in July 2003. These two titles released on Mac and PC.

I would love to see Blizzard get these games optimized for modern computers in the very near future.

Also at Blizzcon, Blizzard revealed that they will bring their upcoming Hearthstone, a free to play trading card battle game, to the iPad in the second half of 2014. This card game is very addictive and is set in the WarCraft universe.

Hearthstone is currently in beta for both Mac and PC platforms.

Blizzard also announced that Warlords of Draenor will be the next expansion for the hit MMO World of WarCraft.

The indie hit FTL, Faster Than Light, is coming to the iPad in early 2014! Subset Games says it plays beautifully on second generation, and later, iPad devices.

In addition to this news, they announced that FTL: Advanced Edition, the first expansion to FTL, will make its debut, for free, to current owners of FTL. The iPad will also feature the same content in the expansion.

The expansion, which can be disabled for those who want to enjoy the original gameplay, will feature new weapons, a new sector, new events, mind control, and hacking. You will even be able to save the game during combat. Not bad for a free update!

But will FTL come out to other mobile platforms like Android? They aren’t sure and will only commit to the iPad for now. But they will work on that after the iPad version is complete.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 11/12/13

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