Sony has revealed that they have sold over 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units since they launched on November 15 in all combined territories released. Microsoft, on the other hand, have only been able to move half of that number since their November 22 launch. Microsoft has responded to the numbers from Sony with their own numbers about number of zombies fought and miles of track raced on. Fanboys prepare to battle in the new next-generation console war! 

In other news, the Wii U has been seen on the sidelines begging to be included in the discussion of next-generation console war.

Star Wars: The Old Republic paid subscribers can join in on the fun of Galactic Starfighter expansion for the MMO. This features 12 on 12 real-time fighting in your own starfighter and even lets you customize your ships.

If you aren’t a paid subscriber, you can join in on the fun of Galactic Starfighter on January 14 if you have been a subscriber in the past or have made an in-game purchase. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the middle of February to get your flight action on!

Speaking of early access, PlayStation 4 users can enter the world of Final Fantasy XIV on February 22, 2014. The game will ship, on PS4, in April 2014.

Nintendo is gearing up to really push the Nintendo 2DS on to consumers with a new $150 bundle that will give a Red or Blue 2DS console with a download of Pokemon X or Y preinstalled on it. The Nintendo 2DS is the $130 alternative for consumers looking for a cheaper way to enjoy the vast library of awesome Nintendo 3DS games—-playable in 2D. After selling over 4 million copies of Pokemon X & Y within 48 hours of release, this looks like the best way to boost these numbers even more.

PlayStation 4 owners get ready for some pinball action as Zen Pinball 2 is coming to the platform on December 17. You will even be able to download previously purchased PlayStation 3 or Vita tables on your PS4 for free! First time players can download and play the Sorcerer’s Lair Table for free as well! 

The following tables will be available at the launch of the PS4 version of Zen Pinball 2:

  • Star Wars Pinball
  • Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force
  • Marvel Pinball
  • Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles
  • Marvel’s Doctor Strange
  • Plants vs. Zombies Pinball
  • Epic Quest
  • Paranormal
  • Earth Defense

Below is the trailer for the upcoming PS4 launch!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 12/04/13

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