In a newsletter sent to the press earlier this morning, Monkey Enterprises has announced a new video game for the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality 13K console.  Under the working title, “Telephenomenon,” players will take the role of a journalist working for a video game website.

Tentatively titled, “Telephenomenon,” players will experience the life of video game journalism, and the industry of online media.  The objective of the game is to browse through competing websites and find interesting articles to steal.  With the game’s “Clipboard Mode,” players would copy the original author’s work and paste it into their own website, and change the credit of the article.  From there, “Rewrite Mode” is initiated for players to edit the copied article to decide which words need to be changed, and which citations need to be removed.  Once all the changes have been made, the Editor-in-chief will grade the rewritten article based on how different it looks compared to the source material, and how unlikely readers will catch on the lack of research done on the actual topic.

This all sounds easy until a timer mechanic gets introduced into later levels, where the number of readers’ clicks on the player’s website is based on how recently the rewritten article is posted after the original article.  A “Freshness” meter displayed on-screen represents the number of clicks players would get when posting the article, where it maxes out at a million.  As each second passes, the meter depletes by 5,000 clicks, giving players a little under 3 and a half minutes to publish each article.  Another challenge you have to take into account is your Editor-in-chief refuses to publish any article that doesn’t meet the minimum grade, which starts at “C-“ and gradually increases with each level.  Earning a quick buck or two stealing from other people’s well-researched work isn’t as easy as it looks…  Or is it?  Find out when “Telephenomenon” spreads the word at the Spring of 2015, exclusively for Farmer Monkey’s Virtual Reality 13K console, because we here at Monkey Enterprises love using the word “exclusively” for first-party titles, as well as the use of quotation marks.

It appears the game’s working title is meant to be a satirical reference to journalists playing the telephone game and gradually reinterpreting published information to the point where the original message becomes lost.  As this is the initial announcement, there is no doubt that there will be more details coming for E3 and PAX events, so stay tuned to CVGames as we report in on new information on this game as it becomes available.

Monkey Enterprises is the company behind the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality series (also known as FMVR). Founded by CVGames staff member Farmer Monkey, Monkey Enterprises provides absurd products designed to entertain families and de-sanitize their homes across the globe. Their new console, the FMVR 13K, was rushed into production after a PunchEnder campaign cancelled the 10K model.  The FMVR 13K takes the performance of the FMVR 10K, with the ethical standards of the Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console.  Because of the disruptive circumstances that led to the FMVR 13K’s immediate production, Monkey Enterprises is currently preparing for a re-launch of the website, but the founder has kindly posted the details of the Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console back in May of 2002, as an exclusive bonus to CVGames to tide us over until their website is ready.

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By Will Chiu – 04/01/14

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