According to gaming magazine Hungry Gamers, Monkey Enterprises has launched their Telephenomenon charity campaign to raise awareness of poor journalistic practices.  Known for their FMVR electronic devices, Monkey Enterprises has partnered up with local volunteers to collect donations towards discouraging people from playing the telephone game, where information is passed on in turn by a number of journalists, reinterpreting the message with each pass, and eventually losing the original message.

The money raised will go towards developing programs by Monkey Enterprises to educate journalists on standards of researching and reporting information, and the ethical practices on crediting the original authors through clear disclosures and citations.  There will also be seminars and open forums to encourage discussions on how to maintain sustainable readers and viewers, without resorting to competing for the same news story, such as simplifying the processes of writing original editorial pieces, highlighting and commenting on referenced news articles with proper credits, and developing collaborative projects that benefit multiple journalists at once.

This charity campaign was inspired from Monkey Enterprises’ frustrations on the “players” of the journalism industry, where magazine companies would publish the work of various authors without giving any acknowledgement or credit to them.

Described as a “telephone journalism genre,” players will be seeking their competitor’s work and copying it for their own magazine without listing any citations to credit the original author.

It is unknown at this time as to how long the charity will run for, and the website is currently unavailable as Monkey Enterprises is currently retooling it for a re-launch due to circumstances regarding an FMVR event from 2013.

Because of the disruptive circumstances that led to the FMVR 13K’s immediate production, Monkey Enterprises is currently preparing for a re-launch of the website

CVGames has contacted Monkey Enterprises requesting further details of the event, including the location, date, and time of the event.  We will update this article when we receive a response.

Monkey Enterprises is a company of 3000 farmers since 2008, promoting family friendly events and ethical business practices.  It is an enterprise that doesn’t monkey around!

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By Davis Wiitala – 04/01/14

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