There is a rumor going around that the founder of Monkey Enterprises is pitching his new game as a phenomenon, as nobody else has attempted such a genre before.  Planned for release in 2015 for the FMVR Spring console, the new game will have players producing video game magazines that involve publishing articles that were rewritten from their original source material.  

Described as a “telephone journalism genre,” players will be seeking their competitor’s work and copying it for their own magazine without listing any citations to credit the original author.  In an interview with the newspaper “Telephenomenon,” a representative for Monkey Enterprises will provide more details in the coming months at various conventions, including the name of the title, online multiplayer features, and micro-transaction options.

Currently, only a teaser screenshot of the game is provided where it seems players will be able to custom design their magazines, such as the front cover.  Will the new game really be a phenomenon?  Will the micro-transactions make this game pay-to-win?  With only a year of development left for this title, we’ll find out more as this develops.

Monkey Enterprises is founded by a farmer formerly selling home cleaning products. Converted to a video game company, members of the press are entertained across the globe since July of 2008 starting with the 3000 series.

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By Emily Rutherford – 04/01/14

Screenshots for New Monkey Enterprises Game Makes “Phenomenon” Claim?