A new video game for the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality 10K console has been announced for a 2015 release, as reported by CVGames.  Featuring the ability to steal articles from competing news sources, players will read through as many newspapers as possible, and find juicy stories to clip out of and paste on to the board, also known as the Clipboard feature.  From there the Editor-in-chief will grade you on your performance on finding stories based on the number of clippings you pasted on the board.  If successful, the Editor-in-chief will approve your work and send the clippings to the editing staff to rewrite the articles into a complete newspaper.  While the editing staff is engaged in “Rewrite Mode,” your task is to keep their coffee fresh as indicated by a meter that decreases every second.  As long as the editing staff stays awake with fresh coffee, the rewritten articles will eventually be finished, and the newspaper will get published.

No further details were released on the game aside from a few alpha screenshots, but it’s already shaping up to be a unique experience, for those who were waiting for a weird newspaper game.  Hopefully Monkey Enterprises will explain the reasoning behind the name “Telephenomenon,” and how it takes advantage of the FMVR 13K’s powerful features.  However, rumor has it that a demo of the game will come out either by E3 or PAX East of this year.  Keep a close eye on this site as we will have an exclusive interview with a representative of Monkey Enterprises soon.

Monkey Enterprises is the company behind the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality series (also known as FMVR). Founded by a farmer, Monkey Enterprises provides absurd products designed to entertain families and clean their homes across the globe. The founder has kindly posted the details of the Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console back in June of 2008, available to all members of the press.

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By Kaleb Rutherford – 04/01/14

Screenshots for New Telephenomenon Game For FMVR 10K Console