Developer: Tango Gameworks |
Publisher: Bethesda
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Survival Horror

Release Date: 08/26/14

Shinji Mikami is the brilliant mind behind The Evil Within. Having single-handedly creating the Survival Horror genre with the original Resident Evil title, he knows a thing or two about scaring people. Mikami hopes to take the magic he created with Resident Evil in his new franchise, The Evil Within. 

PAX East showgoers had a chance to take a closer look at The Evil Within. Though the final game will feature 14 chapters, a portion of Chapter 6 and Chapter 10 were shown during the demo.

The demo begins with the protagonist, Detective Sebastian Castellanos walking through a town that has been completely destroyed. The environmental terror and tension the player feels takes me back to how I felt playing the early Silent Hill games. Our Detective continued to walk but finds himself in a very narrow hallway he must get through with a lantern he clutches in his hand as the only source of light. Throw in some zombie like creatures and you have enough tension to make you feel just a bit uneasy and looking for a way out of the demo session.

In the second part of the demo, our Detective is in some sort of basement and appears to have no escape. A large figures flashes on the screen in the distance and he is carrying an axe, in one hand, and a sack, in the other hand. This character is known as The Keeper but internally he is called the Boxman. The Keeper can respawn and grow a new body when he is killed. Despite killing The Keeper, he kept coming at us–spawning at different safes found in the area. This lead to quite a few chases and many uneasy moments.

We also got to see a glimpse of a crafting system in The Evil Within. There were some gears picked up that would be used to craft ammunition. Specifically, arrows for a crossbow that would explode ice on enemies and freeze them in place.

Be afraid as The Evil Within inches closer to release this August 26 for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 04/17/14

Screenshots for The Evil Within Pax East