Once again, it is time for another Electronic Entertainment Expo Conference. The show, better known as E3, is the place where games and consoles get industry-wide support and can transform the industry into something bigger than just a tradeshow. We have seen the PlayStation 4 take the goodwill of gamers, and the industry as a whole, to charge into a commanding 2:1 lead in the next-generation. Microsoft also stumbled last year with poor decisions and a focus not on games. Will these consoles continue in their same path this year? Can Nintendo stay relevant with more powerful hardware available to consumers?

Last year, E3 was much better than the prior year. We saw a focus on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the world began their march into the next-generation. Unlike the year before, it was quite easy picking multiple titles for our coveted Best of E3 Billy Awards.

This year, E3 2014 looks to build upon the success of last year. Sadly though, it seems like most of the titles shown will be 2015 releases. This leaves the fall open for either Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft to further solidify their position as the dominate player in the industry. We will be there covering all the big news this year starting with the Microsoft Press Briefing, the Electronic Arts Press Briefing, the Ubisoft Press Briefing, Sony’s Press Briefing, Nintendo Direct E3, and the actual show for the rest of the week.

Last year we were concerned the ESA would lose the West Hall at the LA Convention Center. It seems this construction has been delayed or canceled at least for now. E3 has spent its entire run in LA besides 2 years in Atlanta. CVGames began its run of covering E3 in the second Atlanta E3 show.

We are looking forward to a great show this year. Be sure to check out our coverage during E3 and our Post-E3 coverage after the show. We will also have plenty of audio interviews up on Parents Press Play and I will link to those as well.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/07/14

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