The Ubisoft Press Conference has begun and they begin with Far Cry 4. Dan Hay comes on stage to tell us about the first five minutes of Far Cry 4. The game looks very good and it is coming in November.

Just Dance 2015 features an updated track list and for the first time the community is going to help power the game. Coming this October. 

Just Dance Now is a free app and Just Dance now is loaded up on your smart TV or tablet. This lets people connect very easily to the action no matter what type of connection they have on their smartphone. 

Tomy Clancy’s The Division is up next with Petter Mannerfelt. New York City has been a chaotic place and you are embedded into society as a secret agent to take back New York. This game is coming in 2015.

The Crew is back again this year with coast to coast driving.  Julian Gerighty is on stage to talk about pushing The Crew. There are two 2 hour trips from Miami to Los Angeles in The Crew. PC CLosed Beta Opens July 23rd. Register now on  The Crew comes out November 11 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Alex Amancio is on stage to show us Assassin Creed Unity. We see a CG trailer and not the same demo from Microsoft earlier. October 28, 2014 is when the game hits consoles and PC. This is based around the French Revolution. A live gameplay demo is done in the single player and it is looking really good.

Charles Huteau is here to talk about Shape Up: Stay FIt Stay Fun. This is for Xbox One this November in a new era of fitness game. This game utilizes Kinenctl. These are a bunch of mini games that get gamers to compete against themselves and friends to exercise.

Valiant Hearts: THe Great War is up next and a CG trailer is shown.

Tves Guillemot takes the stage and thanks all the fans who are here and watching online. They have one more game to show us.  Rainbow Six Siege.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/09/14

Screenshots for Ubisoft E3 2014 Press Briefing