Developer: Nintendo |
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Genre: Platform

Release Date: 2015

The title we have known about for a while, Yoshi Yarn, finally has an official name and a release window. Yoshi’s Wooly World is coming to the Wii U platform in 2015 and has a similar look to Kirby’s Epic Yarn in that it uses yarn as the primary element to create the world. 

The eggs in Yoshi’s Wooly World are made up of yarn. Yoshi is absolutely adorable and visually stunning in high definition. In the three levels shown at E3, Yoshi can throw his yarn eggs and they leave little clouds for him to walk on like stairs. If there is a gap you need to cross, players throw an egg and boom! Instant bridge!

Yoshi can also use his tongue and grab part of the environment and rip it apart by a strand of yarn. This makes the levels very interactive. In addition, there is cooperative play. Thats right, for the first time in the history of Yoshi games another player will be able to join you. Players will be able to eat the other Yoshi and throw them across the screen in place of a yarn egg.

Though the release is set for 2015, we can hope that it will hit the Wii U earlier in the year rather than later. Until then, go buy some yarn and make an egg out of it while you wait. 

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/13/14

Screenshots for Yoshi’s Wooly World First Look