Rock Band is returning–Rock Band is returning–Rock Band is returning!!  My first thoughts were sheer joy.  Finally, I can get the “crew” back together and we can party out with our favorite songs and jump in on all the instruments we love.  When my wife got wind of the upcoming release, she was just glum.  She was concerned with more plastic instruments to litter out already full house.  With twins on the way, I am sure she began having visions of drum kits and guitars littering our nursery.  Even I am not that selfish.  I know you would need at least an ion Drum Kit to properly support a baby sleep.

This got me to thinking though.  Will my ion Drum Kit work with the new Rock Band 4?  Already dropping the old generation of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, Harmonix is staying noncommittal on the subject. They will try to get older instruments to work but that is as far as they are willing to go right now.  Try?  Shouldn’t they already have an idea if this is going to work or not?  What about those super expensive ion Drums I have sitting in a downstairs closet?  

Besides being up in the air on what old instruments will work, Harmonix has confirmed that they are committed to keeping purchased songs working on the new version of Rock Band 4.  But wait, it gets a little dicey.  Xbox 360 dominated the last generation but PlayStation 4 is the dominant platform now.  What about all of the folks who jumped from 360 to the PS4?  Harmonix Community Manager, Nick Chester, had this to say regarding a move from 360 to PS4 on DLC: “Yes, but, that’s a lot of work. We already have a big problem to solve, Xbox 360 to Xbox One, PS3 to PS4. We know the path to get there.” So in theory it could be done but you guys say its a lot of work?  I guess I will be stuck on the underpowered Xbox One to play Rock Band 4 if I want to keep all the DLC I purchased.

But wait, it gets worse, that Pro Guitar and Keyboard I purchased in Rock Band 3?  Kiss those goodbye.  What!?!?  Harmonix confirmed that Pro Instruments will not be supported except the Drum Kit.  To be fair, they want to bring Rock Band 4 back to the simple game it was and innovate it from there.  That is all fine and dandy but I for one will miss trying out the Pro Guitar and Keyboard.Rock Band 4 comes out in 2015.  I am sure we will see a lot more at E3 2015.  

Speaking of E3, I better run and get my plane ticket to LA while it is still cheap…  

This is Kaleb Rutherford and these are my Morning Musings.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 03/05/15

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