We were invited to a press event to cover all of the current titles Monkey Enterprises will be releasing later this year (and we’ll have those articles up later this week), but much to our surprise, CVGames was the only press allowed to go behind closed doors to get a hands-on preview of their upcoming game for their FMVR 13K console.  We suspect it’s because we host Farmer Monkey’s articles here from time to time, but we have an exclusive preview for you because of it!

The title is tentatively named Simulator Simulator 2016, expected to be released sometime during Holiday 2016, where players will be enjoying the meta-experience of producing their own Simulation game and publishing it through an online distribution platform.  “We figured we should produce a killer app instead of building new consoles every year, so we took a look around and see what’s popular out there; we were inspired by the game TCrafter12Games produced through Unity, and given how many Simulator games are on Steam right now, we knew there was an opportunity here to kidnap the 50-person staff of TCrafter12Games, bury them in our expansive backyard, and later realize TCrafter12Games consists of one person.  But the point is…  We have the rights to produce Simulator Simulator 2016, where it would only be funnier if we delayed it 2017,” says CEO of Monkey Enterprises, Farmer Monkey.

The game consists of a first-person view of a bedroom with a desk, computer, and a FMVR headset.  The objective is to produce a Simulator title before anyone else copies your idea, and to use the profits from each released game to produce either the next installment (same title, new year), or to produce a completely different Simulator game.  Currently the major issue we’ve experienced so far, is the confusion of figuring out if our headset was taken off physically or in-game since the experience was so realistic, we couldn’t really tell the difference.  There were several times where CVGames’ Kaleb Rutherford had to pull the headset out of my head, when I mistakenly thought I took it off already.

Monkey Enterprises’ allowed us to preview the game under the condition that we could not publish any screenshots of the game, but they did tell us that the title screen of the game will be similar to the Sim Sim parody from Space Quest IV as a nod to the joke Sierra made.  “We will be the first company to make a tribute to the original parody Sierra made of the Sim franchise from Maxis, which was long before the Simulator trends were happening that TCrafter12Games references,” laughs Farmer Monkey.  Our preview then ended, and we were escorted out of the building.

The game looks promising, and if all goes well, we’ll be spending next year’s winter holidays creating our own simulation games.  We will keep an eye on this title and report back on any new updates as they arrive over the coming months.

Monkey Enterprises is the company behind the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality series (also known as FMVR). Founded by CVGames staff member Farmer Monkey, Monkey Enterprises provides absurd products designed to entertain families and de-sanitise their homes across the globe. At the time of this posting, Monkey Enterprises does not have a website, but the founder has kindly posted the details of the Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console back in May of 2002. 

CVGames is the supplier of nourishing computer and video game meals to feed the gaming desires of people around the world. Kaleb Rutherford is the founder and lead duck washer who punishes any lazy staff member by forcing them to review the game, Hooters Road Trip regardless of how old the game is and how many times it has already been reviewed on CVGames.

By Will Chiu – 04/01/15

Screenshots for Exclusive Preview For Simulator Simulator 2016 From Monkey Enterprises