Another year, another E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off this week and with it we will see a ton of great products and hopefully a few surprises along the way. Here, I will do my best to predict the things we will see out of the major press conferences. 

Nintendo will be doing a Nintendo Direct the morning of E3. In it, they will outline their plans for E3 and the majority of the rest of the year.  In their video, I believe they will announce a remake of Super Mario Sunshine.  This is one of the most underrated games in the Mario franchise and deserves a second look by gamers. This will give the Wii U a new Mario game for the holiday season and hopefully deliver a few more console sales.

I also think that there will be a new Metroid title announced from Retro Studios. They have been quiet lately and have been hard at work on something. This is what the fans want and should lead to a big seller for the Wii U Platform.

A new Pokemon game will make its debut in Nintendo DIrect and satisfy the fanbase looking for a brawling Pokemon title.  When Nintendo announces this, I can see my six year old jumping for joy for this fall title.

We will get to see the long anticipated Star Fox for the Wii U shown off as one of the premiere titles for Nintendo this year.  It will make full use of the Wii U Gamepad and be among the best and most polished titles at this years show.  

Finally, Nintendo will tease a new Animal Crossing title I don’t anticipate this one coming out in 2015 but be a release for 2016. 

For amiibo, we will see Nintendo show off a new line of Pokemon amiibo and they will talk about what they will do with amiibo in the new Animal Crossing title.

It may not excite everyone, but Nintendo will please their longtime fans with these announcements.  The inclusion of Metroid will give a lot of foot traffic into Nintendo’s booth during the show.

For Sony, they get the honor of finishing off the live Press Conferences on the eve of E3 starting. Fans will stand to their feet and cheer when The Last Guardian is shown again.  Though it may not make a 2015 release, it will look good and excite the hardcore Sony fans.

Gran Turismo 7 will also be shown with stunning, photo realistic visuals and the most features ever seen in the franchise. Again, the game will be a ways off from completion so don’t expect this one until 2016 too

Sony will end their Press Conference with a teaser for God of War 4.  This title will create a big amount of buzz and further get folks excited for 2016.

Sony will knock the price of the 500 GB PS4 to $349–matching what Microsoft has already done.  They will also reveal a new redesigned PS4 in a 1 TB configuration for $399 with a pack-in The Last of Us Remastered. Sony will then slash the price of the PS Vita, giving the console a new lease on life.  However, failure to announce any big titles for the platform will keep the platform from making any significant sales.

Sony will announce an exclusive agreement with Rockstar to bring the next installment of the Red Dead Redemption series to the PS4 first. The game will be shown and it will come out in time for Holiday 2015.

The next iteration of the Siphon Filter series will be shown as a Vita title.  This will be the only major Vita title that Sony will focus their event on.

Guerilla Games will unveil their new open world RPG franchise and they will show us graphics that will make us question whether it is real gameplay.  They will not have learned their lesson from the PS3 Killzone pre-rendered fiasco. 

Sony should have a very good showing but it will be heavily focussed on 2016 and not the fall.  Without an exclusive arrangement with a publisher for this year, could Microsoft catch up to them?

For Microsoft, they probably have the hardest job of all. They need to overcome the mistakes they made with Xbox One and catch up to Sony. Microsoft will have a showing of titles that will be focussed on 2015 rather than 2016. The one I expect to be most excited about is the next incarnation of the Battletoads franchise.  We haven’t seen this since the original NES and a new Battletoads could put Rare back on the map as a solid Developer of great games.

Microsoft will also show off the next Gears of War as they conclude their Press Conference like they showed off Halo 5 the year before. 

The next Crackdown will also be featured as a 2015 title and the live demo will satisfy the fans of the franchise.

Finally, Microsoft will pull out a big exclusive that everyone will be talking about–similiar to how they got a timed exclusive for the next Tomb Raider title. 

I full expect Microsoft to have one of the best showings since the titles will mainly be coming out this year.  Will it be enough to overcome Sony and the PlayStation 4?

Bethesda has already revealed Doom and Fallout 4. What else is there for them to show at their first ever Press Conference?  Leave it to Arkane Studios to show ff either Dishonored 2 or Prey 2.  Though there has been a supposed leak revealing Dishonored 2, I still don’t believe they would be so careless in making it public before their Press Conference.

The majority of Electronic Arts Press Conference has been revealed by the company. However, there is room in the presentation for one big surprise. That will come in Mass Effect 4 being shown off.  People will go nuts over this title.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/14/15

Screenshots for E3 2015 Predictions