Developer: id Software |
Publisher: Bethesda
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Genre: FPS

Release Date: Spring 2016

During Bethesda’s first ever E3 Press Conference, they showed off the upcoming reboot of the Doom Franchise. It is built on id Tech 6 (known internally as id Tech 666). It features bad ass demons, big f’n guns, and moving fast to kill demons. 

Players put on a helmet and grab a shotgun as they make a jump over a bridge slowly moving through some type of machine factory. Demons appear and you begin firing. Players take their hands and thrust it into a chest and pull out a demon’s heart.  Another kill has the player run up and break a demon in half. The vibe of the game has a very dead space feel. 

A double barreled shotgun is picked up and you begin to go to town on demons gibbing them from close range and strafing around for the kill.  Armor and bullets are lying around the environment and demons continue to jump into your path as you journey through the level. A weapon cycling system shows up and time slows as you switch guns. Players run and jump as they gib demons firing lasers. 

Next you find the plasma rifle and begin launching blue shots into demons and quickly switch to the double barreled shotgun. Players run up to a demon and crack open its jaw. A hologram is shown of a demon attacking a former marine and ripping him apart. you rip off his arm and take it to a console and open a previously locked door.

When enemies are destroyed, highlighted items litter the ground and you can refill precious armor and ammo. You find a chainsaw on the ground and you jump in slicing demons apart and using your leg to kick them off you.

The demo ends with the player being attacked by a flying demon who rips off both of your arms and smash in your face.Doom is fast paced arena style combat in multiplayer. There will be different play modes and allow you to be both space marines and demons.  The action is fast-paced and violent.

This time around the team at id Software wants all players, regardless of skill level to create their own experience in Doom SnapMap. It will easily allow you to build (or snap) maps together and create and share multiplayer and single player content. 

But id Software wasn’t done showing off Doom. In the next area shown, hell, players fall into a yellowish canyon that looks uninviting with flaming particle effects. Players drop down a couple of ledges and begin attacking demons. It is important to continue switching weapons. One sequence shown has the player jump down and land on top of a demon–smashing his head into the ground.  Another has the demon in front of you and you snap his neck in half breaking it and having another satisfying kill. 

Hell has monsters come at you from all around.  No, it isn’t a monster closet like past Doom titles. Through each encounter in hell, which seems to be a much later level, you can run out of health quickly.  Luckily, demons leave behind health after a kill so you can be ready for the next fight. The hell demo portion ends with a BFG being fired at you by a huge, iconic demon.

Spring of 2016 is the release of Doom on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It looks like an absolute blast to play and we can’t wait to see more!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/15/15

Screenshots for Doom E3 2015 First Look