Developer: Bethsda Game Studios |
Publisher: Bethesda
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Action/RPG

Release Date: 11/10/15

At Bethesda’s first ever E3 Press Conference, Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios took the stage to show off their latest title: Fallout 4. Todd says tonight begins E3 and the best week of entertainment ever.  Games can do things that nothing else can–they can give you the true wonder of discovery and only games can do this.  And there are very few things in the world of entertainment that are as good as Fallout.  They have been working on Fallout 4 for the last four years.

This all begins with an obsession with detail. And this makes everything on the whole much, much better.  One of the great things about Fallout is the world that existed before the bombs fell. This is where their game starts. Though they aren’t getting into the story today, they gave us a peek at what is going on.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, you begin the game by looking in the mirror and select the facial features and dynamically create your own character.  You can be male or female.  Whoever you leave the bathroom with is who you will be playing as.  The baby you have, for the male and female couple, will be dynamically created based on the male and female you create. Vault Tech comes to the door and tells you about their technology. This is how you choose the stats you use for character creation.

A baby is crying and you run into the bedroom and pacify the baby by playing with him.  However, moments later, disaster strikes. You have to run to the vault as a nuclear bomb prepares to go off.  Though we don’t see how you survive the blast, you survive and are cryogenically frozen for 200 years. You wake up and become the sole survivor of Vault 111.

This is an enormous, dynamic world where player freedom is the primary goal. This runs on a next-generation of their “Creation Engine” with dynamic lighting and effects only possible for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You find your old robot, from your old life 200 years ago and he tells you that it has been 200 years since you went into the vault. You don’t believe him. The Dialogue is dynamic and you can walk away whenever you want, shoot someone in the face, and look at it in first and third person. You also find a dog and can give him many commands. This is the next generation dog mechanics you have been waiting for!

Of course, fallout wouldn’t be complete without its turn based combat and it returns in Fallout 4.  This is known as the VAT System.  It is back and much improved over the previous Fallout title. This game takes place in Boston.  

They spent a lot of time in working on the Pipboy and you will be able to play games on it even.  Even spoofs of classic games like Donkey Kong. They made a real Pipboy that comes with the collector’s edition that you can put your phone in and there is an app for it.  This is a second screen experience that is the best one Todd has ever seen. If you don’t get the Pipboy edition, you can play with the app on your phone or tablet. The app will come out when the game is released.

But Bethesda isn’t done. They made their own iOS game called Fallout Shelter. In it, you are the overseer of your own vault and get to make it and control all the people.  You have to keep them happy.  Inspirations come from Sim City, FTL, XCom, etc. 

You can equip your characters with weapons and armor and send them off into the wasteland to do their own quests. Some rooms will train people, raise their stats, etc.  In the game, rewards are the form of lunch boxes that contain random loot.  Raiders can even invade the shelter.  You make offspring in the game and that raises their happiness.  

Fallout Shelter will be free and you can play it offline.  You can buy random loot, in lunchboxes, for a fee but it isn’t necessary to enjoy it.  The game releases tonight.

Speaking of Fallout 4.  They love building stuff in their games.  Fallout is the perfect world to do this in.  You are able to rebuild by scrapping materials in the world to build structures the way you want. This makes it your own experience.  They want you to build and decorate a place you want to live in for you and your dog. 

Others will show up too.  You can build turrets, lights, and computer consoles to control it all.  Your creation will get attacked by raiders so you need to create defenses. You will even be able to run caravans between settlements. This is all optional and won’t be required.

The world is filled with thousands of items and they all have a purpose now.  You need these items in the world for the crafting system to create things in the world. You can even take a base weapon and craft it into something completely new.  Several different modified weapons were shown in the demo in super fast speed that show the creative side of what can be done.  You can even modify your own power armor and become the Fallout character you want to be.

Todd says the combat in the game will feel great.  You can play in VATS, first person, or third person. There are even jet packs you can fly with and helicopters to battle in.  This is the game to beat at E3 2015!

Fallout 4 is coming out November 10, 2015!!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/15/15

Screenshots for Fallout 4 E3 2015 First Look