EA Starts their Press Conference with a bang. The next iteration of Mass Effect Andromeda is shown but isn’t coming out until Holiday 2016. All the games shown today will be available this year or next year.  EA’s passion for play is what gets them up in the morning. 

Up next is Need for Speed and it looks photo realistic. This is the reboot of a franchise that doesn’t really need a reboot. They are taking the best from all the series and creating the definitive version of the franchise. They want to make you question if it is real or ingame. You will be able to fully customize your ride and have a narrative experience unlike anything you have played before in a racing game..  They do this with Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw.  This title is coming November 3, 2015.

Up next Star Wars the Old Republic is up next and there is more Bioware story coming. Knights of the Fallen Empire is coming October 27, 2015 and is a Bioware style story. It will be free to all subscribers. I am assuming this means even Free to Play users but they didn’t specify. 

Unravel is a new IP from EA.  It features a yarn character named Yarny.  Games are very powerful things that can grab you and shape you. Because of that, game designers should do more than just entertain. They want the game to be very explorative and use solutions to overcome obstacles. 

As Yarny, you have to progress through each level by figuring out how to overcome it using your yarn. as the player moves, he leaves behind a little yarn. Very cute but not much was shown in terms of what kind of puzzles there are. 

Next is Garden Warfare 2. You go big or go home. Dr. Zomboss has turned suburbia into a zombie wasteland.  The first map shown for PvZ GW2 is the Zomboss factory. This time you play as the Zombies and defend against the plants.  The imp is super fast and crazy. Super brains is a zombie superhero that is a melee class. Captain Deadbeard is a tech class. There will be a unique solo play or local split screen. The game will launch on Spring 2016 and will include free content updates after launch.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a new Star Wars games from the prequels, the original, and the new characters. Also coming to mobile is Minions Paradise.  The minions are on vacation on a cruise boat and you play as Phil. He is a minion who ruins everything and he sinks their ship. Fortunately they crash into a deserted island. Players make their own fun on the island and it is coming later this year.

Pele comes on stage. The greatest soccer player of all time.

After some sports, we have Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. THis is the origin story of Faith. There are no levels and no loading screens. You freely run throughout the game and do what you want to do. February 23, 2016 is the release date.

There is a new fantasy mode coming to Madden 16. These are for quick matches that you can play over and over again. This should be a really fun mode. They are also adding in the ability to control the Wide Receiver.

This is interesting but we all came here to see Star Wars Battlefront. And we get to see real, actual gameplay. We are going to see a battle inspired by the Battle of Hoth. Players begin in a corridor and run with a gun to protect the base at Hoth. Storm troopers are coming in and you have to stop them. As the Empire, you have to destroy the Rebels. Players can use jetpacks, as the Rebels and fly through the air. At the end of the demo, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker clash lightsabers.  The game is coming November 17.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/16/15

Screenshots for EA E3 2015 Press Conference