The Sony Press Conference has begun and up first, from their Japan Studio, is the long awaited debut of The Last Guardian.  In the demo shown, players call the giant creature and he comes out and rubs up against the child.  Players jump across a long chasm and aren’t going to make it. The creature catches you in its mouth by your collar and saves you from doom.

After you cross, players push a box down a cliff. This starts a chain reaction that leads the entire landscape to fall.  players are going to again fall to their doom and make another jump this time the creature cannot get you but you land on his tail. The creature then gets you to safety and the demo ends. 

Guerrilla Games is up next to debut their newest franchise that was captured completely on PS4 hardware. This is Horizon Zero Dawn.  No release date given.

Next up is Square Enix and Hitman.  This will be the most ambitious Hitman ever created for both PS4 and PC. The Beta will be on PS4 when you pre order game plus six exclusive contracts for Agent 47.

Up next is Street Fighter 5, the  exclusive PlayStation 4 fighter. You can Preorder for Beta access. It will also come on PC. The Beta will begin July 23. The video was brief but it looks amazing.

Next up is Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. You fly up to a war going on between two warring factions. You can take a side or you can leave them alone. The environment is completely destructible. They only gave 5 minutes to one of the most eagerly anticipated titles at E3. 

Media Molecule is on stage to talk about their new titles Dreams. It is a creation game where you create an environment and a character and bring it to life. You can build on others work or just work on your own. It makes about zero sense at how it works and how it is a game. Again, the demo was very short with no release date.

Firewatch will be the next game up. It is making its console debut on the PlayStation 4. Again, a very quick trailer and they move on to the next game. I wish they would spend just a little more time per title.

Destiny and Bungie are up for the next game and it is the next incarnation in the Destiny series. Destiny the Taken King 9/15/15.  There will always be more content on PlayStation. .

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is up next. We saw this title at the Ubisoft Press Conference earlier today.

Final Fantasy is up next with World of Final Fantasy coming in 2016 for PS4 and PSVita. But that isn’t all the Final Fantasy there is. Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake on the PS4.  It isn’t exclusive to PS4 but a Play It First on PS4. No release date was given.
Yu Suzuki is on the stage talking saving Shenmue 3 by donating to his Kickstarter.  I wish Sony would just fund it. People want the game. 

For the first time ever, Call of Duty Black Ops III is making its E3 debut on PlayStation first. It is hands on this week at E3. Starting with Black Ops 3, PlayStation will be the first to play all map packs and the multiplayer Beta this August.  PlayStation is the new home for Call of Duty.

To close out the Press Conference is a little title known as Uncharted 4. Sully and Drake make their way into a marketplace and the game freezes.  They reload and do it again and this time it works.  Sully and Drake make their way through the marketplace and they are attacked. Using the classic Uncharted cover mechanics, they fire back on the enemies as they make their way to a tower.

Drake can still climb and he does. and he jumps down on an enemy and punches his lights out.  They continue on climbing and leaping until they find an abandoned jeep. Drake drives down the rocky roads and a truck firing at them gets in front of them. You have to keep taking alternate paths to avoid the truck until you really go offroad and lose them. Sully and Drake continue their back and forth banter and the truck catches up to them

Players find someone of importance on a motorcycle and drake speeds up to try and find a path on the road.  The demo ends with Drake running into a bit of trouble.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/16/15

Screenshots for Sony E3 2015 Press Conference