Killing Floor 2 is up first and Steve Gibson of Tripwire is on stage. He is talking about being in early access and how excited they are about all the blood and violence in the game. They are very big into modding and they will continue to support the modders. There will be more than double the content when they finally ship than in Early Access. They promise if you join Early Access that they will not reset your stats so you are free to join in.

Tripwire has a new game that they have been working in secret. Rising Storm 2 Viettnam is the game.

Chris Roberts appears on stage to talk about Star Citizen. He is talking about the money that they have generated. He also promises to be at the PC Gaming Show next year.

AMD is on stage with Richard Huddy the Chief Gaming Scientist. He is talking about the MD Radeon R9 390 and the 380. He is talking about VR and the horsepower you need to run it. DX 12 is going to be a game changer for PC Gamers.

Up next is Deus Ex and two of the Developers on the title. 

Andy Hall and Ian Roxburgh from Creative Assembly are on stage to talk about 15 years of Total War and the next incarnation of Warhammer. They will be bringing the epic scale of Total War to the Warhammer franchise.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is on stage. He feels it is great that there is a PC Gaming conference at E3. He is excited to be on stage and they are gearing up for Windows 10. There are a lot of opportunities for cross platform but it is up to the developers. They have to give them the options. Killer Instinct will be coming to the PC. This is the beginning for Microsoft on the PC. 

David Eckelberry and James Phiney are on stage to talk about Fable Legends. They are building a cool story based world that will be there regardless of platform. Though it is Free to Play, they wanted people to play it. The only way people could see if they love it is to let them play it. This made Free to Play the right choice. They want to support the game for years to come. You can play Mouse and Keyboard or controller.

Gigantic is the other title from Microsoft on stage. THis is a cross between a MOBA and a First Person Shooter.The Beta is in August for closed and the open beta will be later this year.

Rod Fergusson from the Coalition is on stage. Gears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to the PC. It will support 4K Resolution on the PC. They hint that Gears of War 4 could be coming to the PC.

Ryan Geddes from CCP Games in on stage to talk about Eve Valkyrie and Virtual Reality. He thinks that VR, with Oculus, adds a ton to the experience. In fact, they built this game for VR. They have to think about making the UI and everything seamless.   CCP thinks VR is the future direction for gaming and they are committed to VR. They see Eve Online and Eve Valkyrie as two separate experiences. 

Dean Hall from RocketWerkz, one of the creators of Day Z is on stage talking about Early Access. He feels Valve’s refund process is helping this for players and that it can be problematic if your game gets really popular. 

Thom Glunt and Stephen Raney from Pixel Titans are on stage to talk about Strafe. 

Pillars of Eternity The White March Part 1 is on stage.  HIgher level cap, new abilities, new companions–and a ton of gameplay. Feargus from Obsidian is on stage. He is taking about Kickstarters and how to make a game with a limited budget. Pillars of Eternity’s budget was just a little bit more than what they got on Kickstarter.

Colin Johanson from ArenaNet is on the stage to talk about Heart of Thorns–the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Guild Halls are coming to GW2. Guilds claim their Guild Hall and unlock new features with new buildings.  You can Decorate your hall and brawl in your own Arena. Players then adventure together in Heart of Thorns. Pre-Sales is opening up very soon. In fact, right now. this will guarantee you in the Betas.

Hakan Abrak from IO-Interactive is on stage. The areas in this new Hitman will be six to seven times bigger. The game is coming out on December 8. 

Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD is on stage. AMD Radeon R9 Fury X is designed for dx 12 and 4K Gaming. AMD Radeon R9 Nano is the fastest card for 4K and the smallest for 4K. They show off on stage a dual Fiji card. 

Jay Crowe, and Joris-Jan vand’t from Bohemia Interactive are on stage announcing a new expansion for Arma III in 2016. 

Sherida Halatoe is on stage to talk about an indie game Beyond Eyes. It is an expression game. She plays a blind girl who creates the world around her]

Paul Wedgwood from Splash damage is on stage to talk about their games they have worked on. And Dirty Bomb is the first game they are working on that they own.  They only fight for cold Hard Cash because they are hired guns. This is an over the top and definitely has some adult language in it. 

Steve Gaynor from Fullbright is on stage–the creator of Tacoma. It is a first person exploration game where you have to find out what happened. It is coming 2016.

Ian Thomas from Frictional Games they are working on a new game Soma that is a new horror game taking place deep under sea. It is coming out September 22, 2015 on PC and PS4. 
Cliff Bleszinski of Boss Key Productions is on the stage talking about his time away from the game industry. He said he got bored being away and jealous of others announcing their game or releasing a trailer. 

Heroes of the Storm Eternal COnflict is coming to the game. It is coming on June 30. The treasure Goblin is coming ot the game and you can get bonus gold if you kill him before the gates open. The Skeleton King is coming to HOTS. Your passive is a wraith and when you die it appears on the map and slows enemies. Any damage you will do will lower your death timer. When it concludes, you will appear where your wraith is.  The Monk is early in development and will be a Support character. He will get to select his skill tree at level one and choose ifyou will be more support oriented, more melee attack, etc. 

The Designers are trying to create things you wouldn’t expect. 

Whispers of the Wind is a 3 Prologue Mission featuring Zeratul and it leads into Legacy of the Void. The Beta Begins July 2015. 

THe last guest of the night is No Man’s Sky and Hello Games.  Sean Murray of Hello Games is on stage. The game will come out on PS4 and PC at the same time. Release date is still coming soon. They still only have 10 team members. 

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/17/15

Screenshots for The 2015 PC Gaming Show