Developer: Fedeen Games |
Publisher: Perfect World
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Genre: Action/RPG

Release Date: Winter 2015

In October of 2009, a new Action RPG was released by Runic Games called Torchlight. It was a fan favorite but lacked a multiplayer component. Instead of just patching in multiplayer, work began on Torchlight II. On September 20, 2012, the Windows version of Torchlight II was finally released. It added in cooperative multiplayer and is still a popular game to this day. In fact, they have sold over 3 million units of the game across Windows and Mac. 

I have often wondered if it would be possible to create Torchlight for a handheld platform. Thanks to Developer Fedeen Games and their Publisher, Perfect World, this wish is turning into a reality with Torchlight Mobile. Working in collaboration with Runic Games, who wrote the story, Torchlight Mobile is heading to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices later this year as a Free to Play game. 

I must stress, this is not a port of either Torchlight or Torchlight II but a brand new game. Torchlight Mobile is a reimagining of the franchise built from the ground up to be a mobile game. From the town, players will embark on quests into dungeons. Each Dungeon takes three to five minutes to complete so users can quickly jump in and out of the game. This makes it very accessible to the mobile platform. Torchlight Mobile takes place in the same world of Torchlight–it just explores a new area of the same world.

Players will be able to select from classic races and classes and also find new ones to try out. Pets also return to Torchlight Mobile with over 25 different ones to select from. Also, no Torchlight game would be complete without fishing. Though I didn’t get a chance to try it in my demo, it will be available to players.

The biggest news is that the game is Free to Play. For some players this is both good and bad. There is an energy meter players have that fills up over time. As they play dungeons, the energy will deplete. Once it runs out, you can wait for it to fill up or purchase more energy with real money. Players will also find coins to collect. This will be used to buy items and is earned by completing quests and killing monsters in dungeons. I asked if there would be a way to unlock unlimited energy for a certain period of time. This is something that they will consider as an In App Purchase. Though I, and many others, would prefer to purchase a game fully unlocked, this system can work. Don’t write off Torchlight Mobile because you don’t like the Free to Play model.

Gameplay is a lot of fun. Controls have an analog stick on the left side of the screen and an attack button with skill buttons around it. I was surprised at how well it controlled. Most of the time, with on screen controls, I fumble around with them and get a bit frustrated. During my session with Torchlight Mobile, this never happened once. I did not get to try the PVP or multiplayer but those modes will be in the final game as well.

Torchlight Mobile is headed to iOS and Android platforms later this year.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/18/15

Screenshots for Torchlight Mobile First Look