Developer: Traveller’s Tales |
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Genre: Toys to Life

Release Date: 09/27/15

Warner Bros Interactive and Traveller’s Tales are teaming up to bring, what they call, the first true Toys to Life game in Lego Dimensions. Once my 6 year old sees this game, he may soon forget about Skylanders and Disney Infinity too. In the demo we were shown, we visited Oz, Scooby Doo, and Aperture Science.

In the first area we were shown, The Wizard of Oz, Gandalf, Wildstyle, and Batman appear on the yellow brick road. All three characters are on the Lego Toy Pad with plenty of room to spare. In fact, you can have up to 7 different vehicles or characters on the Lego Toy Pad at once.  Players can switch characters instantly like you would in the Lego games. By taking control of Batman, you run into a bunch of poppies on the yellow brick road. Batman falls down and goes to sleep before waking himself up and walking away. You need a bit more muscle to get through so you grab your Batmobile and one character can hop in and drive over the poppies to destroy them for the others to continue on the Yellow Brick Road.

Humor is around every corner and one of the first ways we see this is when our trio of heroes run into Dorothy, The Tinman, The Lion, and the Scarecrow. Batman, upon hearing the Scarecrow was here began to go nuts and wanted to destroy him to save everyone.  While this exchange was going on, a portal appeared, in the sky, and sucked up Dorothy and her crew. This is apparently part of the story but we weren’t given details on this.

The Wicked witch runs into our group of heroes and she casts a magic spell. The Lego Toy Pad begins to blink and you have to physically move Batman to another part of the portal in order to regain control of him. This is one of the ways that Lego Dimensions is different than other Toys to Life games.

Next, we are warped to Aperture Science in a Portal level. Glados is here talking to our heroes and you have to get through the tests in order to proceed.  In order to do this without a portal gun, you will have to again physically move the toys around the Lego Toy Pad and warp around the level.

Another thing we were shown were Keystones. By collecting different Keystones, you can gain new abilities. One makes you grow and shrink and another pulls in powers from a random dimension. When this ability is used, Homer Simpson on a wrecking ball came in and smashed a wall down to reveal the next part of our level in Aperture Science. Glados was not amused.  

The next Keystone we were shown was in the next world: Scooby Doo. Here we had a mini Lego Episode of Scooby Doo playing. All the voices are very good. The Keystone we were shown was Chroma and it changes the colors going into the Lego Toy Pad. Players will have to take control of different characters to jump into a color and move to the Lego Toy Pad. This is an example of another one of the puzzles they will have in the game.

Another thing shown was the ability to build and rebuild vehicles in the game. Each vehicle can be built three ways. Once you select the type of vehicle you want, on-screen instructions appear for you to build it and turn the page for the next step. Once you are done, you place it on the Lego Toy Pad and it appears in the game. Different vehicles have different modes that will help you get through the level.

Our all too brief demo ended here. Warner Bros Interactive claims this is the most interactive Toys to Life experience and it is hard to argue with them. The Lego Toy Pad is bringing new elements to the game and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final product. I may be fighting my 6 year old for play time! 

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/21/15

Screenshots for Lego Dimensions First Look