I wanted to take a moment to update you on CVGames and what has been going on the site over the last many months and why things look a little bit different today than they did in the past.

At CVGames, we have been covering the videogame industry since 1997. Since that time, we have covered a variety of Tradeshows, Press Events, and have had a variety of authors write for the website. While I continue to cover as many of these events as I can, I have had some health issues that came up and caused me to be unable to put any creative energy into CVGames.

Due to the health issues I was facing, I was unable to continue writing very much. It was a very frustrating time for me as I had been doing this for a very long time. Still wanting that outlet to cover the industry and things I love, I started up Parents Press Play with a variety of regular and semi-regular Co-Hosts. That show has continued to this day and will continue in the future. But what about CVGames?

Last summer, in August 2016, I started thinking about relaunching CVGames. However, my body was not quite ready for this. But the seeds were planted for the relaunch. Then in January of 2017, I tried, and failed, to relaunch CVGames. The content was locked away in an outdated CMS (Content Management System) that made it very difficult to move to a new platform. I wasn’t willing to lose all of our content so I sat for months, consulted with a host of friends and developers, and it looked hopeless to get our content without manually moving our thousands of articles over by hand.

In April of 2017, I decided to move on and manually move the articles over–knowing it would take considerable time. I started with a vision of simplifying the site as we had grown quite complex over the years. I also decided to make the move to bring CVGames to Squarespace as I have had great success with Parents Press Play on the platform. As I pieced together the structure and layout of the new CVGames, some articles were manually brought over and I realized just how unlikely it would be to get all the content over.

Then I had an idea and way to move the site over that nobody had thought of. While it took some time, it worked. The process that began almost a year ago, I was able to do. This is a major victory for me personally and shows how far I have come.

All content on the site that is tagged with “archive” has been moved from two different CMS systems and finally into Squarespace. Because of this, the formatting is not 100% perfect and future articles will continue to evolve. Certain images may also not be available. Fortunately, the written word, author name, and published dates should be preserved. 

This new Squarespace powered CVGames will still be covering the gaming industry like you remember. We will be headed to E3 2017 in a few weeks and are thrilled to once again share that content to you.