Today on M3: My Morning Musings, I take a closer look at Nintendo Selling Empty Boxes, Level 5 Has Something Up Their Sleeves, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Sounds Disastrous, How to Get Me to Buy a New Nintendo 2DS XL, Persona 5 a Success at Retail, Destiny 2 Too Strong for PS4 Pro, Destiny 2 PC Release Date, & IO Interactive Downsizing.

Nintendo Selling Empty Boxes
In Japan, with the release of Splatoon 2, Nintendo will be testing out selling 3 versions of the upcoming title. One will include the game card in a box, another version will be the digital version of the game sold through the Nintendo eShop, and finally, Nintendo will offer a boxed copy of Splatoon 2 with no game card and a download code to redeem on the eShop.

This is an interesting idea that allows players to get a boxed copy at a retailer, have something physical for their shelf, and gain the benefits of a digital copy with no cartridge swapping. As we move more and more to a digital future, could this be a way forward to keep retailers happy and also provide discounts to games normally not given to digital only titles?

Level 5 Has Something Up Their Sleeves
E3 is coming up in a few weeks and both CVGames and Parents Press Play will be there to cover the event. One studio that may be showing off a new game is Developer Level 5. This studio is best known for their work on the Professor Layton, Yo-kai Watch, and Ni no Kuni series. Recently, they have been working on the Yo-kai Watch series and despite two of my kids loving it, it doesn’t appear to have the staying power of a franchise like Pokemon. 

Rumors are coming out of an interview CEO, of Level 5, Akihito Hino did that because he loves Nintendo Switch so much, and their close relationship with Nintendo, that their next title will be for Nintendo’s new flagship platform. Could this be a new way to relaunch Yo-Kai Watch or something entirely new? While E3 may shed some light on this, it could be a bit before we learn more. Lets hope E3 gives us the answers we seek though!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Sounds Disastrous
We heard rumors of an Ubisoft Mario and Rabbids game prior to the launch of Nintendo Switch. When nothing was announced, several were relieved. However, artwork has now surfaced that makes this game more of a reality. Rumored to be announced at E3 by either Nintendo or Ubisoft, and released in Summer or Fall 2017, this Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be some type of turn based title that crosses over between both franchises. While Mario is an iconic character, the Rabbids have failed mostly at retail.  

Why would Nintendo allow another developer to work on a Mario title with no direct control? As Mario is my favorite fictional character ever created, I greatly worry about this title. *Fingers Crossed* it is a good game if revealed at E3 2017. 

How to Get Me to Buy a New Nintendo 2DS XL
Nintendo recently announced the New Nintendo 2DS XL with the same clamshell design as the 3D version just with the 3D functions removed. However, I have no desire to upgrade to this console, when it releases in July 2017, because the colors and pricing are not enticing to me. However, if I lived in Japan, I would gladly throw money at Nintendo because they are releasing a Special Edition Dragon Quest Slime edition of the console featuring an awesome silver and black design with the iconic Slime character in the upper left side of the closed clamshel in its Metal Slime form. There is even a Metal slime on the lower left when the system is opened. 

I have a great love for the Dragon Quest franchise, known originally in North America as Dragon Warrior. Dragon Warrior 1 was one of the first NES games I ever played and I even sought out, and purchased, the PlayStation 2 Slime Controller for one of the releases of Dragon Quest on that platform. HORI created that special edition controller and I still proudly display it on my desk though it made a terrible controller experience. 

Persona 5 a Success at Retail
How do you create a niche RPG sequel with the same type of lengthy story and campaign while increasing sales? Just ask Atlus as Persona 4 has now sold five times more than Persona 4 did in North America during its first month at retail. Hopefully this means that more Publishers and Developers will take chances on niche RPG titles in the West in the future. Congratulations to Atlus on the great success for a great game!

Destiny 2 Too Strong for PS4 Pro
Destiny 2 has a lot of good solid buzz around it since the gameplay reveal last week. Josh Gilmore and myself talked about this on Episode 175 of Parents Press Play & Friends. We both are super hyped for the game and can’t wait to play it. However, word has come out, via Destiny 2 Game Director Luke Smith, that the PS4 Pro is not powerful enough to run the new game at 60 FPS. It will be locked at 30 and there is zero change that will ever change with the current hardware. 

Now that this news is out, what does it mean for the much weaker Xbox One platform and the PlayStation 4? Will it be powerful enough to run the game at even a steady 30 FPS? I am going to say no unless there is a resolution drop to 900p or less. However, Xbox One Scorpio should be able to run this at higher frame rates if its power is to be believed. The PC version will also support a full 4K resolution and uncapped frame rate so throw your best video card at that!

Destiny 2 PC Release Date
Sadly for PC Gamers, Destiny 2 will not launch on September 8 when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions release. With no cross-save support, this means PC gamers will have to play multiple characters or wait for Destiny 2 when it releases. Bungie hopes to announce the PC version soon. My guess is it will be announced at E3 2017 and come out around March 2018.

IO Interactive Downsizing
After being released as a Developer for Square-Enix, the Danish Developer best known for the Hitman series, has revealed they have had a significant amount of layoffs to stay afloat. They are currently trying to get Season 2 of Hitman released but this may require someone else to back the project. IO Interactive hols the rights to the Hitman series so Square-Enix must really feel like this franchise has seen its best days. I hope Season Two sees a release and IO Interactive finds a new Parter for their titles.