Today on M3: My Morning Musings: PlayStation 3 Ends Production, Lost Sphear Announced, Sonic Mania Release Date Leaked, NCSOFT Buys Employees Nintendo Switches, PixelJunk Eden Goes Mobile, & Witcher 3 Sales.

PlayStation 3 Ends Production
Sony originally launched the PlayStation 3, in Japan, in November of 2016 and told consumers they should get a second job to afford the pricey console. After a long a brutal war against Microsoft and the Xbox 360, Sony eventually ended the console war in a virtual tie for most sales. This was quite an accomplishment after a very rocky start. 

Fast forward to May of 2017 and Sony has ended production of the PlayStation 3 in Japan. While never reaching the sale success of either the PSone or PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 3 had some really great First Party exclusives and is a console I will always remember fondly. Thanks for the memories PS3!

Square-Enix Announces Lost Sphear
Square-Enix has revealed their next title from Tokyo RPG Factory, the studio that developed I am Setsuna, called Lost Sphear. Little is known about this new title but it will tell the story of a young boy, Kanata, waking up and finding his hometown vanishing. He starts a mission to save the world and finds companions to help him on his mission. 

The team at Tokyo RPG Factory will build upon the ATB battle system and continue to bring a 16 bit style RPG to modern consoles. Lost Sphear will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, via Steam, in early 2018. The first trailer for the game can be seen here:

Sonic Mania Release Date Leaked
If you are to believe the Steam Listing of Sonic Mania, in Germany, the game will come out on August 15. To this point, the only date we have been given is 2017 but the date does make sense for the title that is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. 

Sonic Mania is a new 2D adventure for Sonic and hopefully a return to a quality title. If any game needs a rebirth it is Sonic. I can’t remember the last good Sonic game that I enjoyed playing. While the rumored date may be wrong, I fully expect Sega to reveal the release date at E3 in a couple of weeks.

NCSOFT Buys Employees Nintendo Switches
Want to work for a great company? NCSOFT’s boss Kim Taek-Jin announced that he will be purchasing a Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for all employees because he enjoyed the game and wanted to share the experience with them. I too agree that the latest Zelda is not only the best in the franchise but one of the greatest games Nintendo has ever made. If it can’t inspire you to create a good game, nothing will.

Now the only question that remains is how in the world is the Kim Taek-Jin going to get his hands on that many Nintendo Switch units?

PixelJunk Eden Goes Mobile
Remember the PixelJunk series? The team over at Q-Games created some of the best downloadable titles on PSN last generation. Their latest effort isn’t a new PS4 version of a game but a mobile version of the very interesting, and fun, PixelJunk Eden. PixelJunk Eden Obscura, the official title, will make use of front and back cameras to bring new elements to the game. Polygon did an interview about the upcoming release and you can read it here.

There is no release date currently for PixelJunk Eden Obscura but the world still waits for PixelJunk Monsters 2…

Witcher 3 Sales
CD Projekt RED announced sales data for Q1 2017 and The Witcher 3 actually sold better than it did in Q1 2016! This is an amazing accomplishment for one of the best open world RPGs of all time that has some of the best DLC ever made. You can hear more details via the video they released below… Now please hurry and give us some details on CyberPunk 2077!